NOTICE: California Water Commission accepting screening information for new water storage projects

From the California Water Commission:

The California Water Commission is accepting screening information for water storage projects that provide Proposition 1, Chapter 8 public benefits in the Water Storage Investment Program. This process does not involve any immediate funding. If the Commission finds a project is feasible, the project would be included in a pool of projects for the Commission’s consideration if funding becomes available. The Commission would also need to decide to proceed with a rulemaking process and another solicitation in the future before a full project application could be submitted and reviewed. 

Any project submitted through the screening process needs a finding of feasibility by the Commission no later than the December 2021 regularly scheduled Commission meeting. It is recommended and encouraged that project proponents submit screening proposals to Commission staff no later than October 22, 2021.

Information needed for the screening process includes, at a minimum, the statutory requirements found in Water Code 79757:

  1. Completed feasibility studies and draft environmental documentation made available for public review;
  2. Information that describes how the project will advance the long-term objectives of restoring ecological health and improve water management for beneficial uses of the Delta; and
  3. Commitments for at least 75% of the nonpublic benefit cost share of the project.

Additional information about the project and how it aligns with the Program’s regulations may be submitted. If a project proponent wishes to understand the feasibility components of the Program, the Regulations and the Technical Reference are instructive.

If the Commission moves forward with additional regulations and a second solicitation, only projects successful in the screening process would be eligible to apply.

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