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BLOG ROUND-UP: Working together for a sustainable San Joaquin Valley; Delta smelt: 2020 status; Colorado River blues redux; and more …

Working together to attain a sustainable San Joaquin Valley for future generations

Paul Boyer writes, “As an organization that has helped over 6,300 families build their own homes through sweat equity in the San Joaquin Valley, built over 1,800 rental housing units which we own and operate, and rehabilitated over 6,000 homes, Self-Help Enterprises knows a thing or two about the strong roots that thousands of families have planted here in the San Joaquin Valley.  The health of the communities these families live in is in large part dependent on the availability of reliable good quality water.  That water not only serves those communities’ drinking water needs, but is also needed for the agricultural economy that employs farmworker families and sustains local business and industry.  Our organization has also helped hundreds of disadvantaged communities and schools in rural areas to address problems with their groundwater wells, related both to contamination and the decline of the water table. … ”  Read more from the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint here:  Working together to attain a sustainable San Joaquin Valley for future generations

Delta smelt: 2020 status

Tom Cannon writes, “In a March 2020 post, I described the status of the Delta smelt through 2019.  This post updates the status with the most recent 2020 information.  Delta smelt continue to be absent from the standard long-term surveys and their related indices.  However, some Delta smelt were collected in 2020 in selected locations of the Bay-Delta during focused intensive special surveys designed to find remaining survivors.  … ”  Read more from the California Fisheries blog here: Delta smelt: 2020 status

Colorado River blues redux: going, going…gone? (2008 –> 2021)

Michael Campana writes, “This is a repost of an article I published on 2 December 2008: Colorado River Blues: Going, Going…I did not intend to add ‘redux’ to the title and repost it until a few minutes ago. I read a Tweet from friend and colleague Michael van der Valk, who re-Tweeted the post preceding this one, Ground Water: The Water Budget Myth, one of my all-time favorites. I had been reading current depressing articles about water woes in the Colorado Basin. So I thought it might be enlightening to see what was occurring in late 2008. Some of the links may be broken. I added a CRB map, which was absent from the original post. … ”  Read more at the Water Wired blog here: Colorado River blues redux: going, going…gone? (2008 –> 2021)

Midnight rush: 6 ways Trump trashed the environment during the holidays

Tara Lohan writes, “This holiday season just about everything was different. Vacations were postponed. Parties and family get-togethers were canceled or moved online as folks hunkered down at the request of public-health officials. But one thing continued as usual: President Trump’s attacks on the environment.  In the weeks following the Nov. 3 election, Trump’s team continued its unprecedented onslaught on environmental regulations, with nearly a dozen new rollbacks or threats to public health, wildlife, clean air, public lands and the climate.  As the New Year approached, the assaults didn’t let up. … ”  Read more from the Revelator here: Midnight rush: 6 ways Trump trashed the environment during the holidays

Meet the land salmon

Heather Smith writes, “Salmon, with their carnivorous diet and typically anadromous lifestyle, are ludicrously difficult to farm. But there’s a need for it: In 2013, salmon overtook canned tuna to become the most-eaten fish in the United States.  Over 70 percent of salmon consumed globally are raised in ocean pens, which can spread viruses, parasites, and antibiotics to wildlife. As evidence of this danger has grown, so has the movement to shut down ocean salmon farming.  Some entrepreneurs are moving the whole farm onto land. … ”  Read more from the Sierra Club here: Meet the land salmon

FEATURED IMAGE: Half of Winter; Photo by Thomas Hawk

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