ESTUARY NEWS: How the Great Flood of 1862 inspired Measure AA; Water wealth in old irrigation districts; and more …

Estuary News shares some colorful history this December, exploring long-ago floods, crashes, missteps, and bird-sightings. And because we are reporters with long attention spans, we also follow up on our old stories. Special this month, Julie Beagle shares Wicked Scary Sea Level Rise Stories in a Science-in-Short podcast.

  • How the Great Flood of 1862 Inspired Measure AA
  • A 1901 Ferry Crash
  • The Legacy of Gold Rush Sediment
  • Water Wealth in Old Irrigation Districts
  • Girl Ranger Saves Watershed from Fire
  • A Duck Rare in the 1920s Now Common
  • Reporters Ask What Happened Next? 11 Follow Ups!
  • RMP Meets Digitally and Survives

Click here for the December issue of Estuary News.

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