WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for Sept 13-18: Groundwater externalities and the ag response to water pricing; Guest commentary: Almond growers are committed to finding water solutions

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AG WATER PRICES: Groundwater Externalities and the Agricultural Response to Water Pricing

Dr. Ellen Bruno is a Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Ag and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley. At a recent Silver Solutions webinar, she shared some of the preliminary results on a paper she is working on with colleagues Katrina Jessoe at UC Davis’ Ag and Resource Economics Department,and Michael Hanemann with Arizona State University who is also a professor emeritus in the Department of Ag and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley. The study considers the impacts of agricultural water pricing and the effect on water use and land use change.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Almond growers are committed to finding water solutions that work for people, farms, and fish

This guest commentary is written by Don Cameron of Terranova Ranch:

Back in late February and early March, California almond growers experienced what many are calling the perfect bloom. Perfect weather resulted in the abundant crop filling almond trees, uniquely suited to the state’s Mediterranean climate, up and down the Central Valley. This year’s record crop – estimated to hit 3 billion pounds – is proof that California is the best place in the world to grow almonds. Almonds account for more than 100,000 jobs in California and contribute $11 billion to the state’s GDP.

And yet, the announcement of the record crop drew an immediate attack from Marin County attorney David Zeff, a board member of the Golden State Salmon Association, who dredged up the old “fish versus farms” fallacy to attack almond growers in his July 15 guest commentary in Maven’s Notebook.

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