WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for Sept 6-11:A basic primer on water quality regulation; Delta Independent Science Board: 10 Years On

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WATER QUALITY: A basic primer on water quality regulation

Ensuring that groundwater quality is maintained at a standard that is acceptable for its intended uses, such as drinking water, is particularly important as impacts to groundwater quality can affect a variety of users but tend to hurt small water supply systems and domestic well owners disproportionately. Therefore, writing plans that protect drinking water and ensure the management actions required under the law do not negatively impact groundwater quality will be critical and requires understanding a host of existing federal, state, and local regulations and laws related to water quality.

This post is a primer on water quality regulations with a focus on groundwater quality regulation.  It is based on a lecture from Dr. Thomas Harter’s Groundwater Shortcourse held earlier this year, as well as the textbook, Watersheds, Groundwater and Drinking Water, and some internet research.

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HISTORY: Delta Independent Science Board: 10 Years On

The Delta Independent Science Board (or Delta ISB) is a 10-member board comprised of prominent scientists from different disciplines across the nation.  As mandated by the 2009 Delta Reform Act, the Delta ISB plays an important role by providing oversight of the scientific research, monitoring, and assessment programs that support adaptive management of the Delta and by providing independent advice to the Delta Stewardship Council on scientific issues related to implementing or amending the Delta Plan.

At the August meeting of the Delta ISB, the new members joined with the outgoing members for reflections and discussion to bring the new members up to speed on the Delta ISB’s ongoing work.  The meeting also included a presentation given by Alf Brandt, who is currently the general counsel to the speaker of the California State Assembly, and who was deeply involved with the drafting of the 2009 Delta Reform Act.  He gave a brief overview of the Act, insights about the formation of the Delta Science Program, and his perspectives on the legislation’s intent and the reasons behind why the Delta ISB was created.

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