WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for Aug 23-28: Adapting to Flood, Fire, and Drought: A Case Study of the American River; The Delta ISB discusses upcoming Delta conveyance environmental review

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ACWA CONFERENCE: Adapting to Flood, Fire, and Drought: A Case Study of the American River

The Governor’s Water Resilience Portfolio Initiative underscores the need for communities to maintain and diversify water supplies and to protect and enhance natural environments to prepare for the impacts of climate change.   At ACWA’s virtual conference held in July of 2020, a panel comprised of agencies described the experience of the American River region in evaluating climate impacts on their watershed in a new cutting-edge study and the comprehensive suite of projects designed to address increasing threats from more frequent and intense floods, fires, and droughts.

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DELTA CONVEYANCE PROJECT: The Delta Independent Science Board discusses the upcoming environmental review

Back in April of 2020, the Delta Independent Science Board (DISB) submitted a letter to the Department of Water Resources during the comment period for the Notice of Preparation for the Delta Conveyance Project.  The letter indicated that the Delta Independent Science Board planned to review the environmental impact report for the Delta Conveyance Project as part of their legislative mandate in the 2009 Delta Reform Act to provide scientific oversight of programs that support adaptive management.  In addition, the letter shared insights and expectations based on the previous review of the environmental documents for both the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and the California Water Fix.

The Department of Water Resources came to the August DISB meeting to provide an overview of the project including timeline and review process, as well as some thoughts on the Board’s letter.

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