POINT BLUE QUARTERLY: Tales of the unexpected: Scientific surprises that led to conservation insight

From the staff at Point Blue Conservation Science:

The theme for the new issue of the Point Blue Quarterly is Tales of the Unexpected, and it’s one we’ve been wanting to take on for a long time. The nature of conservation science lends itself to both unexpected discoveries in complex datasets and unexpected experiences in the field. But in March of 2020, we all experienced something unexpected when COVID-19 spread around the world, disrupting our lives. We knew this was the right time to dedicate an issue to responding to change and unexpected developments.

Science, like life, is full of the unexpected. From surprising information about our regional birds revealed by decades of data to a mystery solved under our Marine Lab microscopes, the stories in this Quarterly show how scientific curveballs can lead to new insight or trigger a new line of inquiry.

And as we know from our in-depth studies of how climate change and other disruptions affect humans and wildlife, building in resilience and flexibility is key to survival. We hope you enjoy these stories of how our scientists have shown both in their work at Point Blue.

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