OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Monthly Urban Water Conservation Reporting regulation

From the State Water Resources Control Board:

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will receive public comments on specific revisions to the proposed text of the Monthly Urban Water Conservation Reporting regulation that were made after conclusion of the initial comment period on the regulation text.

The regulation on Monthly Urban Water Conservation Reporting was adopted by the State Water Board at its regularly scheduled April 21, 2020 Board Meeting. In accordance with California Code of Regulations, title 1, section 44, we are soliciting comments on specific changes that were made by the Board in response to comments received on the proposed text.

The State Water Board is soliciting comments on the specific regulatory changes from the initial text of the proposed regulation text attached. Changes from the initially circulated regulation text are reflected in track changes and were discussed prior to Board adoption. The deletion of section 991, subdivision (c) has been requested by the Office of Administrative Law as it does not include regulatory requirements; the substance of subdivision (c) is encapsulated in direction from the Board to Board staff in Resolution 2020-0009 at Resolved paragraph 5.

Any specific written comment that is related to other sections of the regulation will not be accepted.

View/download regulation below.  Click here for instructions for submitting comments.  Comments must be received on or before August 20, 2020.

Adopted RegText_with edits_042120
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