WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for July 27-31: Ecosystem-based management in the Delta; Delta Lead Scientist report highlights new research papers focus on habitat, flow, predation

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DPIIC: The CVPIA and the state’s Incidental Take Permit: Ecosystem-based Management in the Delta

The Delta Stewardship Council established the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee (DPIIC) after the adoption of the Delta Plan in 2013.  The Committee is comprised of high-ranking members of 18 state, federal, and regional agencies who meet at least twice a year to coordinate programs and projects that affect land, wildlife, and water resources in the Delta.  At the July 2020 committee meeting, members heard presentations on the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and the state’s new Incidental Take Permit for the State Water Project and how those programs utilize principles of ecosystem-based management.

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DELTA LEAD SCIENTIST REPORT: New research papers focus on habitat, flow, predation

At the July meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Delta Lead Scientist Dr. John Callaway updated the Council on the latest scientific developments, discussing three papers that highlight the multi-faceted approach that is needed to address the Delta’s ecosystem; he also previewed upcoming events and provided the By the Numbers Report.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: How to Use Climate Change in California Water Resource Litigation

Guest commentary written by Robert Shibatani:

Insofar as climate change and water resources is concerned, there are many related issues, but don’t let that lead you astray.  Stay focused on the fundamental water issue tied to climate change.  The whole premise behind climatic change in water resources is that it is changing our global hydrologic baselines.  That’s it.  Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated.  In this short piece, the focus is on water quantity and related quality issues as illustrated through the use of hypothetical examples taken within California geography.  The GHG side of climate change which is more policy-related and not directly linked to water resources is not discussed here. 

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