WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for July 12 – 17: Tim Quinn: 40 Years of CA water policy; Human dimensions of social agro-ecological systems; Almonds and salmon – Contrasts in sustainability

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TIM QUINN: Forty Years of California Water Policy: What Worked, What Didn’t, and Lessons for the Future

Tim Quinn spent more than ten years as the executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies and more than twenty years as the Deputy General Manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Over the course of that career, he was at the center of every major water management issue facing the state of California, including the state’s use of Colorado River water, management of the Bay-Delta, and sustainable groundwater management.  After retiring from ACWA, Mr. Quinn became a Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, where he has recently written a white paper titled, Forty Years of California Water Policy.  At a webinar in June hosted by the Southern California Water Coalition, Mr. Quinn discussed the importance of collaboration in solving some of California’s more vexing water policy problems.

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BROWN BAG SEMINAR: Understanding the human dimensions of social agro-ecological systems: What motivates farmer decision-making and policy change?

This brown bag seminar is part of the selection process for a California Sea Grant Extension Specialist who will be hired jointly with the Delta Stewardship Council.  The position with the Delta Stewardship Council will provide leadership in advancing collaborative partnerships and initiatives and in catalyzing and implementing social science research to inform management of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region of California.

The candidate and presenter for the seminar is Jessica Rudnick.  Jessica Rudnick arrived at UC Davis in 2016 after completing her master’s in ecology and has since been a Ph.D. candidate and a graduate research fellow in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis studying the drivers of individual and institutional changes to improve agricultural nitrogen management.  Throughout this time, Jessica has also gained relevant hands-on outreach and leadership experience through fellowships, internships, and consulting efforts which have included the development of an autonomous tractor and contributing to the development of a nonpoint source pollution engagement strategy and nitrogen offset protocol.  Her seminar today is titled, “Understanding the Human Dimensions of Agroecological Systems: What motivates farmers decision making and policy changes.”

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GUEST COMMENTARY: California Almonds and Salmon – Contrasts in Sustainability

Guest commentary written by David Zeff, a native of the Central Valley, a Marin County attorney, an avid salmon fisherman and a board member of the Golden State Salmon Association:

Earlier this year, the California Almond Board released a report regarding the acreage of almond trees that have reached bearing age and another with totals including young trees.  These reports paint a stark picture of an unsustainable industry that threatens the Bay-Delta ecosystem and California’s salmon fishing jobs.

There are now 1,530,000 acres of California almonds.  That’s an increase of 720,000 acres in the past decade.   That’s enough new almond orchards, in 10 years, to cover an area 23 times the size of San Francisco. 

It gets worse.

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