NOTICE: Options for consideration for public water systems and customers in the face of wildfires and public safety power shutoffs

From the State Water Board Division of Drinking Water:

There have been a few wildfire incidents recently and there continue to be increasing threats.  Numerous sources present information on that threat, including:

As we move into the months of high temperatures, low humidity, drying vegetation, and high winds, we must heighten our awareness of the threats, implement measures to prevent these threats from causing much damage, and prepare ourselves to respond and recover – increasing our resilience. 

We must consider increasing resilience of ourselves and our facilities and the customers we serve. 

To help increase resilience, below are:

1) “Options for Consideration in the Face of Wildfires and Public Safety Power Shutoff 2020” – presenting actions for the public water systems to consider implementing to increase resilience:

PWS PSPS options - 2020 accessible

2)  “Customer Options for Consideration to Increase Resilience in the Face of PSPS and Wildfires 2020” – presenting actions that the public water system can implement in engaging their customers to help them increase resilience. 

Customer PSPS options - 2020 - accessible

We have learned much from the wildfire and Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) incidents of 2019.  Our power utilities are implementing actions to better respond and protect their facilities and surrounding communities in the event of the hazardous fire conditions, some public water systems have secured emergency electric generators and joined or established mutual aid/assistance networks, and our fire service work hard at putting out fires as quickly as possible to prevent those incidents from growing to bigger challenges.

Consider implementing one or more of the options identified and improve your public water systems’ stance in the face of all-hazards.  Consider your customers in this resilience stance by engaging them and making them aware of actions, options for consideration, and resources to increase resilience in the face of the PSPS and wildfires.

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