OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Draft Nonpoint Source Program Implementation Plan

The State Water Resources Control Board , Regional Water Quality Control Boards and the Coastal Commission have released the draft Nonpoint Source Program Implementation Plan for 2020-2025 and the public comment period is now open.   Comments are due no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Monday, July 13, 2020.

The Plan describes the goals and objectives of the State Water Resources Control Board, the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and the Coastal Commission (co-lead agencies) for reducing nonpoint source pollution to waters of California over the next five years, 2020–2025. Nonpoint source pollution comes from diffuse sources such as agriculture, forestry, and grazing.  The Plan provides a summary of the actions that the co-lead agencies propose to take, and the waterbodies and pollutants that the co-lead agencies propose to focus on, over the next five years. The co-lead agencies are requesting input on the water quality topics, the goals and objectives, and the targeted waterbodies and pollutants described in this Plan. 

This Plan is not a regulatory document and does not contain any binding or regulatory requirements for any entity in the state. However, the goals and objectives described in the Plan influence the allocation of resources (both grant funds and staff time) to water quality problems and to areas of the state. 



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