NOTICE of probable curtailment of water right permits and licenses subject to Term 91

From the State Water Board:

This notice is applicable only to permit and license holders having Term 91 as a condition of their water right.

The Division of Water Rights (Division) is giving this advance notice to advise affected diverters of the probability of a curtailment, if weather conditions continue their current trend.

In the past, the Division issued a notice with the projected date when Term 91 curtailment would occur. However, storm events or drier weather conditions can quickly alter the date when notice of curtailment is actually required. To provide more timely information on potential curtailments under Term 91, the Division provides information on its web page. The web page is regularly updated to provide important information related to the availability of water. The address for the drought web page is:

The calculation to determine when Term 91 may go into effect is simplified in a graph that may be accessed from the following web page:

Upon an actual notice of curtailment from the Division, Term 91 requires that you cease diverting water under your permit or license when the Central Valley Project or the State Water Project is releasing Supplemental Project Water (SPW) to achieve Delta water quality and flow requirements and the Delta is in balanced condition. That SPW condition is depicted on the Term 91 Graph when SPW turns positive. The graphic depiction is accompanied by a Delta Condition Status box showing when the Delta is in balanced or excess condition. Curtailments under Term 91 may go into effect when SPW is positive and the Delta is in “Balanced” condition.

Term 91 Probable Curtailment Notice 5-14-2020
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