WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for March 30 through April 3rd: The magic water wand; Quantifying surface water depletions from groundwater pumping

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KERN COUNTY WATER SUMMIT: The magic water wand

If you had a magic wand that could give you unlimited funding, could change any law, write any new law, and/or modify any regulation, what would you do to improve California’s water?

That was the question posed to panelists at the 2020 Kern County Water Summit. Seated on the panel was Dr. Jerry Meral, Director of the California Water Program at the National Heritage Institute; Randy Fiorini, Vice Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council; Tim Quinn, former Executive Director of the Association of California Water Agencies; and Felicia Marcus, former Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board.

Here’s what they had to say.

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WESTERN GROUNDWATER CONGRESS: Quantifying surface water depletion from groundwater pumping

Understanding and conveying groundwater’s role in a changing world

Surface water commonly is hydraulically connected to ground water, but the interactions are difficult to observe and measure and have largely been ignored in water-management considerations and policies.  However, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed in 2014, is California’s first statewide law that explicitly reflects the fact that surface water and groundwater are frequently interconnected and that groundwater management can impact groundwater-dependent ecosystems, surface water flows, and the beneficial uses of those flows.  The challenge of quantifying these interactions has led to the development of several techniques.

At the 2019 Western Groundwater Congress, Gilbert Barth, PhD is an Associate and Senior Hydrologist with S.S. Papadopulos & Associates in their Boulder office, gave an overview of groundwater-surface water interactions and discussed some of the tools and techniques that he has helped develop. Dr. Barth provides quantitative assessments of groundwater resources to address questions associated with water planning, and specializes in model development and calibration with a focus on quantifying changes between surface water and groundwater systems.  He’s developed and applied models throughout the Western US for regional, interstate, and international deliberations.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Water Resource Prioritization during COVID 19

Guest commentary written by Robert Shibatani:

Under the pall of COVID-19, when we say and concede that life will not be the same as we once knew it, what exactly does that mean? Obviously, we’re seeing the initial signs; empty streets, shuttered businesses, shelter-in-place orders, face masks, etc. But what does it mean after the initial adjustment period subsides? There are essential services like water, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, food, law enforcement, emergency services, but how far down the list do we go without putting more people in harm’s way than would otherwise be necessary?

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TUESDAY:  Interim Klamath plan means more water for fish; The future of water: Onsite desalination for hyperlocal reuse; San Diego calculated how fast the sea will rise, but not the cost; Can ‘carbon smart’ farming play a key role in the climate fight?; and more … READ IT HERE: Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: The state’s new Delta water rules don’t end conflict with Washington; South San Joaquin Valley demands Newsom boost water supplies; Hoopa Tribe strikes at Westlands Water District deal; After a dry winter, the outlook calls for a wet start to April; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY:  Winterlike storm to bring rain and snow this weekend; California’s snowpack is about half of normal; CA groundwater wells receive grades for improvement and degradation; As temperatures rise, Arizona sinks; and more … READ IT HERE:  Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: CA Farm Bureau urges cooperation in Delta water operations; Newsom bans water shutoffs, community advocates say it’s not enough; Unusually late-season storm this weekend; Reviving the river that runs through LA; and more … READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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