WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for March 8 to 13: A new role for the Water Commission; Borrego Valley’s SGMA strategy; Integrated modeling and Delta science

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CA WATER COMMISSION: Newsom administration envisions a new role for the Water Commission

Just about a year ago, when Governor Newsom gave his 2019 State of the State address, he spoke about the solutions to California’s water problems as not being a single solution but rather an integrated, broad set of solutions that need to be implemented.  The Governor then followed that up by issuing an Executive Order in April that directed the Secretaries of Natural Resources, Cal EPA, and the Department of Food and Ag to come together and develop a water resilience portfolio which would be the road map for the administration’s water policy for the next three years.

At the February meeting of the California Water Commission, Secretary of Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot addressed the Commission, tasking them with assessing and prioritizing the infrastructure needs around the state and helping to determine the state role in rehabilitating that infrastructure.

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SGMA IMPLEMENTATION: Borrego Valley’s strategy for a negotiated resolution under SGMA

Presentation at the California Irrigation Institute conference highlights this critically-overdrafted basin’s creative approach to meeting the requirements of SGMA

The Borrego Valley is a small valley in the northeastern part of San Diego County, about 60 miles northeast of San Diego.  Groundwater is the sole source of water supply for the valley; there isn’t any surface water or imported water available.  After decades of excessive pumping, the Borrego Groundwater Basin is considered critically-over drafted and dramatic reductions in pumping – up to 70% by the latest estimate – will be needed to reach sustainability.

After the passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in 2014, the Borrego Valley GSA was formed and work began on the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan with the goal of meeting the January 30, 2020 deadline for critically-drafted basins to develop and adopt a GSP.  However, unable to reach agreement, the basin has decided to take a different route to meet the requirements of SGMA.

At the 2020 California Irrigation Institute conference held in January of this year, Michele Staples, a shareholder in the Irvine office of Jackson Tidus, gave a presentation on the creative way the basin came up with complying and implementing SGMA.

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DR. JAY LUND: Integrated Modeling and Delta Science & Policy

The search is on for a new Delta lead scientist to oversee the Delta Science Program and to consult regularly with the Delta Stewardship Council and other partner agencies.  The position is secured through a multi-year appointment with the USGS.  The Delta lead scientist will be appointed by the Delta Stewardship Council following a recommendation from the Delta Independent Science Board (DISB).

The DISB will be interviewing four candidates for the position over the next month; each candidate will present a brown bag seminar of their research and experience and how it applies to the lead scientist position.  As part of their presentation, they will give their vision for the Delta science program.

The first candidate is Dr. Jay Lund, whose research and teaching interests focus on applying systems analysis and economic methods to infrastructure and environmental problems, including policy, planning, and management studies.  His work primarily in water resources and environmental systems engineering, but he has very broad experience which includes work on solid and hazardous waste management, dredging and coastal zone management, urban, regional, and transportation planning, and urban ethnography.

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Other news items this week …

THIS JUST IN … Golden State Salmon Association and allies seek injunction to stop implementation of new biological opinions

REPORTS: Concurrent governance processes of SGMA; Comparing complexity in watershed governance; Challenges of using and interpreting GPCD

Weekly features …

BLOG ROUND-UP: The state’s plan for Delta fishes, biological opinions, the Delta tunnel, SGMA’s economic impacts to San Joaquin Valley, dam failures, federalism and PFAs, and more …

SCIENCE NEWS: Is the Sacramento Splittail an Endangered Species?; Microplastics in fish; Where have all the flowers gone?; Environmental footprint of cows; and more …

Other publications …

WATER WRIGHTS: Kern Water Bank, Kaweah Delta, Friant Water Authority, Tulare Irrigation District, and more …

SFEWS: Delta smelt predation; Central Valley surface water diversions; Predicting juvenile salmon fish routing, Sacramento River predator diet analysis

HYDROVISIONS, Spring issue: PFAS, Aquifer recharge in urban environments, Groundwater management in Arizona, and more …

Funding opportunities this week …

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: NRCS Invites Proposals for 2020 Conservation Innovation Grants

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: 2020 Conservation Easement Applications for Agricultural Lands and Wetlands Due by April 10

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Lower American River Conservancy Program 2020 PSN Consultation Opportunity

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Climate Change Funding for Farmland Conservation Now Available

Announcements this week …

WATER PLAN eNEWS: ~~ Flood-MAR Summary~ MAR Symposium~ ICARP Meeting~ Comments Call~ Conference Registration~ CCVFCA Forum ~~

DELTA eNEWS: ~~ Bridge Work~ Sacramento History~ AIS Workshop~ DSC Comments ~~

NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING: Perchlorate detection limit for purposes of reporting

OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT/WORKSHOPS: White Paper Discussion on Economic Feasibility Analysis in Consideration of a Hexavalent Chromium Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)

PUBLIC WORKSHOP: Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plans


NOTICE: Availability of WaterFix Change Petition Hearing Documents

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