WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for February 16 – 21: CA Aqueduct subsidence; Water rights permitting options for groundwater recharge projects

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METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT: Subsidence of the California Aqueduct in the San Joaquin Valley

Plus a brief update on the voluntary agreements, and good news on the Colorado River

Recently, the Department of Water Resources released a report to supplement the 2017 California Aqueduct Subsidence Study (CASS) report that addresses the specific issues within a 10-mile-wide study corridor centered on the California Aqueduct south of San Luis Reservoir to the southern San Joaquin Valley and looked at predictions of future subsidence.

At the February meeting of Metropolitan’s Water Planning and Stewardship Committee, Ted Craddock, DWR Assistant Deputy Director of the State Water Project, provided an overview of the report, detailing the subsidence problem on the California Aqueduct, some of the recent work that DWR has been doing to assess the subsidence, and what the plans are for moving forward.

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SGMA IMPLEMENTATION: Water rights permitting options for groundwater recharge projects

ACWA/State Water Board webinar presentation outlines temporary and permanent options, including a new streamlined permitting pathway for standard water rights permits

Almost five years ago, in the midst of a historic drought, the legislature passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA).  The centerpiece of the legislation is the principle of local groundwater basin management, requiring the establishment of local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (or GSAs) and the preparation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (or GSPs) for groundwater basins statewide.  The plans detail how the basin will be managed to avoid undesirable results, such as salt water intrusion or land subsidence, and to achieve sustainability managed basins over a 20 year planning and implementation horizon.

As many groundwater basins work to achieve sustainability, many if not most will look to groundwater recharge as a tool to help balance supplies and demands.  At a webinar held at the end of last year, State Water Board staff discussed new permitting options for Groundwater Sustainability Agencies pursuing recharge projects.

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In water news this week from around the web …

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Other news items this week …

THIS JUST IN … Trump signs biological opinions; Governor Newsom promises to sue

REACTIONS: Water agencies, NGOs, and legislators react to Trump’s signing of the new biological opinions

THIS JUST IN … Newsom administration files lawsuit over biological opinions; Secretary Bernhardt responds

Weekly features …

BLOG ROUND-UP: Single Delta tunnel, San Joaquin Valley water, Trump’s visit, Voluntary Agreement price tag; wild salmon populations, salt impaired lands, and more …

SCIENCE NEWS: Exploring the secrets of marsh happiness; After massive beetle outbreaks, some Western forests show signs of recovery; Predators to spare; Wildfire smoke boosts photosynthetic efficiency; and more …

Other publications …

DELTA eNEWS: ~~ Duck Days~ Antioch Culture~ Career Fair~ DSC Meeting~ Restoration Volunteers ~~

WATER PLAN eNEWS: ~~SWRCB Workshop~ Sustainable Water~ Carbon Neutrality~ Conveyance Meeting~ Innovation Week~ Splash ~~

Announcements this week …

NEW GSPs POSTED: Public Comment Opens for Groundwater Sustainability Plans

NOTICE: San Joaquin River Restoration Program to release higher flow bench

REGISTRATION OPEN for the DWR’s Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment Workshop (SB 606)

OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Dredge or fill procedures – draft implementation guidance available

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