Groundwater sustainability plans that have been submitted to the state are now online at the DWR SGMA Portal. Plans are open to public comment for 75 days after they were posted online. Below is a table of the submitted plans, the counties they cover and details about the public comment period for that plan. Information about how to comment on a plan can be found in a new fact sheet in English and Spanish. Public comments are welcomed and encouraged – a SGMA Portal account is not necessary.  

Basin Local ID (if applicable) Counties Covered Public Comment Period End
Indian Wells Valley Inyo, Kern, San Bernardino 5/4/2020
Kaweah East Kaweah Kings, Tulare 5/4/2020
Kaweah Subbasin – Greater Kaweah Subbasin 5/4/2020
Mid-Kaweah GSA 5/4/2020
Kern County BVGSA Kern, San Luis Obispo 5/4/2020
Henry Miller Water District GSA 5/4/2020
Kern County Subbasin KRGSA GSP 5/4/2020
Kern County Subbasin Olcese GSP 5/4/2020
KGA GSP 5/4/2020
North Yuba Butte, Yuba 5/4/2020
Tule Basin 5-022.13 ETGSA GSP Kern, Tulare 5/4/2020
Basin 5-022.13 TCWA – Tule 5/4/2020
DEID GSA 5/4/2020
LTRID GSA 5/4/2020
Pixley ID GSA 5/4/2020
Tule Subbasin Alpaugh GSP 5/4/2020
Santa Cruz Mid-County Santa Cruz 5/4/2020
South Yuba Placer, Sutter, Yuba 5/4/2020
180/400 Foot Aquifer Monterey 4/15/2020
Chowchilla Madera, Merced 4/15/2020
Cuyama Valley Kern, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura 4/15/2020
Delta Mendota Aliso WD GSA Fresno, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus 4/15/2020
DM_NorthCentral_Adopted 4/15/2020
DM_Grassland_Adopted 4/15/2020
DM_Farmers_Adopted 4/15/2020
DM_FresnoCounty_Adopted 4/15/2020
DM_SJREC_Adopted 4/15/2020
Eastern San Joaquin Calaveras, San Joaquin, Stanislaus 4/15/2020
Kings Kings_CentralKings_Adopted Fresno, Kings, Tulare 4/15/2020
Kings_KingsRiverEast_Adopted 4/15/2020
Kings_James_Adopted 4/15/2020
Kings_NorthForkKings_Adopted 4/15/2020
Kings_NorthKings_Adopted 4/15/2020
Kings_McMullinArea_Adopted 4/15/2020
Kings_SouthKings_Adopted 4/15/2020
Las Posas Valley Ventura 4/15/2020
Merced Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus 4/15/2020
Oxnard Ventura 4/15/2020
Paso Robles Area San Luis Obispo 4/15/2020
Pleasant Valley Ventura 4/15/2020
Tulare Lake Kern, Kings, Tulare 4/15/2020
Westside Fresno, Kings 4/15/2020

  Additionally, the Borrego Springs Subbasin in San Diego County submitted an alternative to a groundwater sustainability plan on January 31, 2020, that is publicly viewable on the SGMA Portal’s Alternative Reporting System. It is also open for a 75-day public comment period until April 15, 2020. For questions or more information, email  

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