WATER WRIGHTS: San Joaquin Valley water meetings for January 20-24

By Don A. Wright
Special to Maven’s Notebook

The water world is wet in the San Joaquin Valley this week of January 20-24th. It’s not always easy finding the meeting locations. Here are the reports appearing at www.WaterWrights.net

South Valley Water Association January 20, 2020

By Don A. Wright | JAN 20, 2020

The South Valley Water Association met at the Lower Tule River Irrigation District headquarters on Monday, January 20, 2020; only it didn’t. The SVWA actually met at the Visalia law offices of Peltzer & Richards. Alex Peltzer is the SVWA attorney. I’d not been…  Read it here: https://waterwrights.net/2020/01/20/south-valley-water-association-january-20-2020/

Kings River Water District January 23, 2020

By Don A. Wright | JAN 23, 2020

The Kings River Water District met in an old farmhouse somewhere in a foggy orchard south of Minkler on Thursday, January 23, 2020. The KRWD used to meet in Centerville so I was just late enough to miss the usual housekeeping; the minutes were approved, potential…  Read it here:  https://waterwrights.net/2020/01/23/7474/

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