NEWS WORTH NOTING: Metropolitan statement on offer to compromise to San Diego County Water Authority; New FAQ sheet on the State Water Project; IID Board sets parameters for future Colorado River negotiations

Metropolitan statement on offer to compromise to San Diego County Water Authority

From the Metropolitan Water District:

Gloria Gray, chairwoman of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board of Directors, issued the following statement on Metropolitan’s offer to compromise to the San Diego County Water Authority:

“Today, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has made a statutory offer to compromise to the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) to resolve several rate cases filed by SDCWA, leading to nearly a decade of ongoing litigation. With another trial upcoming, and our Board and many prominent leaders in San Diego desiring a more collaborative approach to providing water services in our region, this is an opportune time to end these disputes. It is in a spirit of cooperation that Metropolitan is proposing a resolution to the lawsuits that will set us on a more positive and productive course to meet the future water needs for Southern California.”

Link to Statutory Offer to Compromise and Related Documents

The State Water Project: Frequently Asked Questions About California’s Most Critical Infrastructure

From the State Water Contractors:

The State Water Contractors (SWC) today released an FAQ about the State Water Project (SWP) and the 27 public water agencies who help manage our state’s precious and finite water resources through the SWP. The SWP is a robust water grid that supplies two-thirds of the state with affordable fresh water, driving California’s economic growth and quality of life.

Click here to read the full FAQ and learn more about how the SWP provides an irreplaceable source of high-quality water that California can count on.

IID Board sets parameters for future Colorado River negotiations

From the Imperial Irrigation District:

Expecting new and more challenging negotiations to face the Imperial Irrigation District over Colorado River water in the future, the IID Board of Directors has adopted a set of parameters that define the scope of the district’s role in the coordinated operations of the river.

The parameters, spelled out in a resolution unanimously approved by the IID Board on Monday, protect the district’s right to allocate water, to negotiate with others on the river, to safeguard the Salton Sea and to build coalitions and alliances with those of similar interests.

“IID must be able to effectively negotiate, and have it clearly stated for the entire basin, the nature of the district’s relationship to its water rights,” said Erik Ortega, IID board president. “This will be important as new Colorado River guidelines will go into effect in the coming years.”

IID has a priority right to 40 percent of the water available to the Lower Colorado River Basin. The district has worked for well over five years to develop the parameters of the Drought Contingency Plan, which may remain in force until 2026. Despite IID’s efforts, the district is not a party to the DCP because it does not provide any contingency for the Salton Sea.

The district’s resolution states that the linkage between the Colorado River and the Salton Sea is inextricable and the problem is one that both basins must now reckon with as a community of aligned interests.

“No single agency has a greater stake in the continued viability of the river system and Lake Mead,” added Ortega. “And at the same time, no single agency is in a better position to contribute to, or provide a response for, the river’s changing hydrology due to persistent drought conditions.”

The resolution is available at: IIDFutureColoradoRiverNegotiationsResolution.

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