WEEKLY CA WATER NEWS DIGEST for November 3-8: Climate change and the future of California’s water; Groundwater legal system – hydrology disconnect; Proactive groundwater management

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DR. GEETA PERSAD: Climate change and the future of California’s water

Climate change is already transforming California’s water cycle, putting stress on the state’s rigidly engineered water infrastructure as well as our unique ecosystems. Current water management strategies will need to be fundamentally rethought as climate change depletes the state’s natural snowpack storage, concentrates rainfall into increasingly extreme events, brings salty ocean water farther inland, and dries out vegetation and soils. The San Francisco Estuary, the heart of the state’s natural water infrastructure, will be ground zero for the confluence of these stresses.

Dr. Geeta Persad is a senior climate scientist with the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.  In her role, Dr. Persad conducts research and analysis related to climate change in the Western US.  Her work focuses on the intersection of climate change with water and air quality issues with the goal of innovating science-based solutions to these interlinked problems.  In this presentation from the 2019 State of the Estuary conference, Dr. Persad discussed the ways in which climate change is going to fundamentally transform how, when, and where California gets its water and how those changes will have profound impacts for the state and for the San Francisco estuary in particular.

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GROUNDWATER TWO-FOR: The disconnect between groundwater legal systems and groundwater hydrology; Proactively managing groundwater to sustain communities and nature in an uncertain future

David Sandino and Maurice Hall present their big ideas on groundwater management

The Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA) created the David Keith Todd Distinguished Lecture Series to honor Dr. David Keith Todd, a GRA 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, for his enormous contributions to groundwater science and technology, and to foster interest and excellence in applied groundwater science and technology. Two lecturers are selected with the lectures offered in Northern and Southern California at universities, statewide and regional GRA events, and GRA’s Annual Conference and Meeting.

The 2019 lectures featured David Sandino, Senior Staff Counsel at the Department of Water Resources, who spoke about the disconnect between legal groundwater systems and how the system actually works, describing the areas where they do not accurately reflect the physical environment and pose problems for effective groundwater management; and Maurice Hall, Associate Vice President of Ecosystems-Water at the Environmental Defense Fund, who spoke of how more holistic and inclusive groundwater management can increase the resilience of our water supply and sustain and enhance the services that groundwater basins provide for a wide range of stakeholders.

At the Groundwater Resources Association’s 2019 Western Groundwater Congress, Mr. Sandino and Mr. Hall gave brief presentations of their lectures.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Water scarcity: A catch phrase of convenience

Guest commentary by Robert Shibatani:

The phrase gets loosely thrown around by the media, general public and even by some academics and hydrological practitioners. But few, if anyone, takes the time to really explain it, to define its component parts, its various boundary conditions such as scale, timeframe, and duration. Consequently, ask any 10 people for a definition and you may just as easily find 10 different definitions.

And while diversity is often helpful, this kind of diversity is not.

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MONDAY: California’s on fire, unplugged and out of easy answers. So why don’t we…?; Hundreds of thousands of people in California are downriver of a dam that ‘could fail’; Controversial pesticides are suspected of starving fish; EPA announces new water workforce initiative; EDF sues Interior, NOAA, NASA for failure to release public records about Trump administration attacks on climate science; When it rains, plants panic and more in The Week in Water podcast; Supervisors taking another shot at Paradise-Chico water pipe; Land-based salmon farm operation coming to Humboldt County; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Forecasters: California fire season could last into December; expect more large blazes; 5 lessons we learned from the California wildfires; Does a rain-free October signal a return to drought in California?; Odds of reaching 100% of normal water year precipitation; Feds Defeat Lawsuit Over San Francisco Bay Dredging Dispute; Marijuana and Environment: Green Rush Not So Green After All; They’ve managed the forest forever. It’s why they’re key to the climate change fight; Trump Tries to Shred California Environmental Rep as Part of Multipronged Assault; Why desalinating water is hard — and why we might need to anyway; and more … READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: California urged to update water plans as climate change spurs wilder weather; Water officials work to assist recharge projects; SGMA Update: List of San Joaquin Valley GSAs and GSPs; Another increase in irrigated lands regulatory fees; As cities’ interest in green infrastructure grows, so does the need to develop strategies and resources to maintain it; Storms and rising seas threaten coastal ecosystems — here’s what we can do; Clean Water Act: 5 things to know about [today’s] Supreme Court face-off; and more … READ IT HERE: Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Researchers look to wetlands to increase Delta water quality; Putting the ‘flood’ in Flood-MAR: reducing flood risk while replenishing aquifers; California wildfires lead to water treatment struggles; What do firefighting chemicals do to a forest?; Offshore drilling: Leaking ‘legacy’ oil wells pollute Calif. beaches, stir fears; Supreme Court leans toward expanding Clean Water Act to protect oceans from wastewater; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: As wildfires grow more intense, California water managers are learning to rewrite their emergency playbook; Parts of fire-weary California suffer through one of the longest waits for the rainy season on record; Water Year 2020 begins with robust reservoir storage; Sudden oak death spreading fast, California’s coastal forests facing devastation; The survivors: Sugar pine trees and the future forest; Farm groups urge Supreme Court against expanding Clean Water Act liability; Interior proposes coveted deal to ex-client of agency head;  Kern farmland values begin to stabilize as investors absorb groundwater restrictions; Tijuana and Rosarito to ration water supply for the next two months; Mexico wants to revive Tijuana desalination plant; and more … READ IT HERE: Friday’s Daily Digest

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