NEWS WORTH NOTING: Delta Design and Construction Authority chooses Delta Stakeholder Engagement Committee members

From the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority:

The DCA Board of Directors today announced members of DCA Stakeholder Engagement Committee (SEC), approved by the DCA Board after recommendations were made by an Ad Hoc Selection Committee. The SEC includes civic leaders and residents from the Delta region, small business owners, recreational boaters and kayakers, environmental activists, Tribal Government Representatives, conservationists and other interest groups across the region.

The Board of Directors established the Delta Stakeholder Engagement Committee at its September meeting. In doing so, the Board appointed Director Sarah Palmer or her designee as Committee Chair and President Tony Estremera or his designee as Vice-Chair. Director Palmer will serve as Chair, and President Estremera has designated Alternate Director Keegan to serve as Vice-Chair. The Board also appointed President Estremera and Director Palmer to serve as an ad hoc committee to assist DCA staff in reviewing public applications to the Committee.

In addition to the Chair and Vice-Chair, the Committee is composed of up to seventeen public members representing various stakeholder groups, as well as up to five ex-officio members.

“The Stakeholder Engagement Committee will give a much-needed voice to the opinions, expertise, and concerns of Delta residents, business owners and other stakeholders as the DCA explores engineering and design proposals. The DCA is committed to transparent and robust outreach with the sharing of ideas that will incorporate local knowledge, history, and geography into a world-class engineering project that respects the Delta as place, home, and ecosystem. We cannot do this without the Delta stakeholders. Our goal is to provide a project that will benefit the lives of the tens of millions of Californians who rely on the Delta for their water while mitigating the impacts of such a project on the local Delta region,” said SEC Chair and DCA Board member Sarah Palmer.

“As Governor Newsom’s plan moves forward for a one tunnel project to divert Sacramento River water and the concerns of Delta communities escalates, the DCA’s Delta Stakeholder Engagement Committee provides Delta residents a candid platform for meaningful discussions about the human and environmental impacts associated with the tunnel’s design and construction. The engagement process is not likely to be easy, but I hope it can be productive,” Jim Wallace, Chair, Delta Legacy Communities, Courtland.

The SEC, a public body following the Brown Act, will generally meet twice a month in the Delta region. Meetings will be open to the public and notes will be distributed in a timely matter following each meeting.

The DCA Board of Directors passed the resolution approving appointment of the following members to the Stakeholder Engagement Committee, members are eligible to receive a $250 per diem for every meeting attended:

• Paul Clausen, Recreation
• James Cox, Sports Fishing
• Cecille Giacoma, Public Safety
• David Gloski, At Large Contra Costa
• Douglas Hsia, At Large Sacramento
• Lindsey Liebig, Agriculture
• Mel Lytle, Ph.D., Delta Water District
• Karen Mann, South Delta Local Business
• Phillip Merlo, At Large San Joaquin County
• Barbara Barrigan Parrilla, Environmental Justice
• Isabel Gonzales Potter, Environment NGO – Aquatic
• Anna Swenson, At Large Yolo County
• Malissa Tayaba, Tribal Government
• James Wallace, Delta History/Heritage
• Angelica Whaley, North Delta Local Business
• Sean Wirth, Environmental NGO – Terrestrial

In addition to the above appointments, the ad hoc committee and staff recommend that Jesus Tarango be appointed as the alternate member for Malissa Tayaba.

Proposed Appointments for Ex Officio Members

The ad hoc committee and staff recommend the following ex officio appointments to act representatives to the Committee on behalf of the indicated agencies, ex officio members would not receive a per diem for meeting attendance:

• Gilbert Cosio, Various Delta Reclamation Districts
• Michael Moran, East Bay Regional Park District

Further press inquiries about the DCA Stakeholder Engagement Committee can be directed to Nazli Parvizi at


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