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CA WATER COMMISSION: DWR Director Karla Nemeth on the Department’s Strategic Plan, Delta conveyance

At the August meeting of the California Water Commission, Karla Nemeth, Director of the Department of Water Resources (DWR), spoke to the commissioners about the Department’s strategic plan and the work underway on the Delta conveyance project, which she noted nests into the strategic plan as a key feature of what needs to be done to modernize the State Water Project.

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VOLUNTARY AGREEMENTS: Environmental NGOs send letter to Governor Newsom outlining concerns

Last week, representatives for the environmental organizations that are actively participating in the Voluntary Agreement process sent a letter to Governor Newsom outlining their concerns and are threatening to leave the process if their concerns not addressed.

The groups represented in the letter are American Rivers, Defenders, of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund, San Francisco Baykeeper, The Bay Institute, and The Nature Conservancy.

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DFW Director Bonham urges Reclamation to implement Fall X2

Last week, the Bureau of Reclamation signaled that they would not be participating in the Fall X2 action, which is an action to benefit Delta smelt that is specified by the 2008 biological opinion.  The Fall X2 action requires maintaining X2 at 74 km in wet years and 81 km in above-normal years.   X2 is the location in the Bay-Delta where the tidally averaged salinity is 2 parts per thousand; it is generally considered the best habitat for Delta smelt.

In a tersely worded letter to Reclamation, Director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Chuck Bonham urges Reclamation to implement the action as written in the 2008 biological opinion.

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BROWN BAG SEMINAR: Managing water quality across boundaries

There are numerous agencies involved in water quality issues that are focused on the San Francisco Bay and the Delta. In this brown bag seminar, Stephanie Fong, Interagency Ecological Program Coordinator Chair, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, discussed the technical, geographical, and political boundaries that separate water quality monitoring in the Bay and the Delta.

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BAY DELTA WATER QUALITY CONTROL PLAN UPDATE: Draft Biological Goals and Initial Compliance Methods for Lower San Joaquin River Flows

The State Water Resources Control Board has posted the draft biological goals for the lower San Joaquin River and its tributaries for public comment, and initial unimpaired flow compliance measures for the lower San Joaquin River.

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In water news this week from around the web …

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MONDAY: They’re big, furry and Congress might help California kill them all to save the Delta; Watering the Emerald Triangle: Irrigation sources used by cannabis cultivators in Northern California; Science and law enforcement teaming up to help “critters”; These Trees Survived California’s Drought and That’s Giving Scientists Hope for Climate Change; Birds Are Vanishing From North America; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Silicon Valley Is One of the Most Polluted Places in the Country; The next big effort in AI: keeping L.A.’s water flowing post-earthquake; New $100M Innovation Hub to Accelerate R&D for a Secure Water Future; Calif. rep to bring dead giant swamp rat to Congress; The Klamath River now has the legal rights of a person; and more … READ IT HERE: Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Calif. sues EPA for nixing protection of S.F. Bay salt ponds; California farmers face ‘catastrophic’ water restrictions. Can they adapt to survive?; Water year 2019 leaves reservoirs with good storage; Dry autumn winds bring fire threat — again; Newsom will announce new plans for a satellite to track climate change; Butte County: Supervisors shelve groundwater plan until next month; The newest hope to beat the traffic: a ‘flying’ water taxi that glides across town; and more … READ IT HERE: Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: State officials spar with feds over Delta water operations; EPA to California: You’re also ‘failing’ to meet water pollution standards; California Leads Lawsuit Against Rollback of Endangered Species Protections; State Supreme Court weighs in on Shasta Dam case; Report details extent of water contamination in California; USDA Invests In California Infrastructure Improvements; Trump administration to move environmental review staff to states; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: ‘Farming the sun:’ As water goes scarce, can solar farms prop up the Valley?; EPA Claims SF Homeless Crisis Affecting Water Quality. Breed, Newsom Hit Back; For California wineries during harvest, PG&E power outages could be disastrous; CA Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Study On Raising Shasta Dam; Report: 74 California water systems contaminated, 7.5 million potentially exposed to toxic chemicals; Erosion threatens scenery and real estate along iconic California coastline; Is Buying Rivers the Best Way to Protect Them? Western Rivers Conservancy Thinks So; Report on Poseidon desalination plant in Carlsbad, California shows poor performance and high costs; and more … READ IT HERE: Friday’s Daily Digest

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