UPCOMING EVENTS: Incentivizing groundwater recharge; Second Annual Western Groundwater Congress; SoCal stormwater workshop; Water Smart Innovations

Incentivizing Groundwater Recharge: A Berkeley Law Symposium

September 10, Berkeley

Groundwater aquifers continue to be depleted as pumping exceeds recharge in many regions of the world, adversely affecting human and environmental systems. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is one crucial strategy to bringing these groundwater resources into sustainable balance. However, understanding is sorely lacking about how to effectively incentivize MAR, and how to navigate the institutions relevant to MAR.

This symposium will seek to fill these knowledge gaps, addressing key questions including: Who benefits from groundwater recharge? What conditions are necessary for a recharge project to succeed? How can implementation be incentivized? How should recharge projects be governed? What emerging and novel techniques hold promise for future MAR?

The symposium aims to move the conversation on MAR forward. To this end, presenters will highlight successful and novel recharge projects from across the U.S.. Experts will also speak to scientific, legal, and management issues in recharge, and how they influence potential incentive schemes. These insights will help inform practitioners and scholars about recharge and chart a path towards developing a broadly applicable framework for enabling recharge.

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Second Annual Western Groundwater Congress

September 17-19, Sacramento

Don’t miss the premier groundwater conference of 2019, GRA’s Western Groundwater Congress!

This three-day, multi-track event is the leading technical conference for our broad groundwater community focusing on Western groundwater resources and quality.  In addition to world-class technical presentations, sessions will focus on sustainable groundwater management,  advancements in contaminant hydrogeology, and practical hands-on workshops.

If a host of technical groundwater sessions isn’t reason enough – enjoy networking and social activities ranging from wine/beer tasting, massage chairs, wellness activities and a casino night! Or grab and old friend and belt out a tune at after-hours karaoke!

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Southern California Stormwater Workshop

September 27, Los Angeles

Join us for an informative day of knowledge sharing and networking as we discuss Southern California Water Coalition’s latest white paper, “Innovations in Stormwater Project Implementation and Enhanced O&M Strategies.”

You’ll learn about stormwater capture projects and how they relate to water quality and flood control functions and regulations in Southern California. Discover potential cost-effective alternative stormwater delivery and financing options, such as public-private partnerships (P3s).

Hosted by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

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Water Smart Innovations

October 2-3, Las Vegas

At WaterSmart Innovations, attendees will connect with the resources they need in an atmosphere of networking, collaboration and learning. The conference offers a wide range of professional and poster sessions, pre-show workshops, post-show technical tours and an expansive exhibit hall.

George Hawkins, former CEO and general manager of DC Water, will deliver the keynote opening address for the 12th annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 2.

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