UPCOMING CALENDAR EVENTS: Urban Water Institute looks at the future of Western Water; Central Valley groundwater contamination workshops; Central Coast and the edge of drought tour; Incentivizing groundwater recharge

Urban Water Institute Annual Conference: Looking into the future: Western water in 2070

August 14-16, San Diego

The Urban Water Institute will hold its annual conference at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa.  Panel discussion topics include climate change, PFAS, groundwater banking, the Colorado River, and the Bay Delta.  Pat Mulroy to give the closing keynote speech.

Click here for more information and to register.

Central Valley Drinking Water – Solutions to Groundwater Contamination Workshop

August 20, Clovis
August 21, Bakersfield

These workshops, presented by the American Groundwater Trust, will discuss:

  • Overall condition of drinking water quality in Central Valley communities
  • Health and economic impacts of inadequate drinking water
  • SGMA requirements related to the availability of safe drinking water
  • Jurisdictional authority/responsibility for ensuring the availability of safe drinking water
  • The natural or anthropogenic origins of chemicals and compounds of concern
  • How correct well drilling, construction and monitoring can have a positive impact on water quality
  • Water quality testing capabilities and the interpretation of test results
  • Water quality treatment technologies, how they work and what they cost
  • Legal remedies for recovering treatment costs by communities, utilities and water agencies
  • How to find funding for capital investment in water infrastructure improvements
  • Case studies of contamination reduction/ removal
Limited number of free registrations available.  For more information and to register, click here.

FIELD TRIP: Learn About a Range of Solutions to Persistent Water Scarcity on Central Coast during Edge of Drought Tour

August 27-29

Despite Santa Barbara County’s decision to lift a drought emergency declaration after this winter’s storms replenished local reservoirs, the region’s recovery often has lagged behind much of the rest of California due to the nature of its watershed.

Our new Edge of Drought Tour Aug. 27-29 explores this connection between the area’s distinctive hydrology and the lurking threat of drought with an up-close look at water projects and programs across the southern Central Coast.

We will examine the portfolio approach being applied to the challenges of limited surface and groundwater supplies by several local agencies as they work to build drought resilience for the future. We’ll also learn firsthand about the effects of the 2017 Thomas Fire on local water infrastructure and the impacts of the subsequent debris flows on water quality.

Planned stops Include:

  • Pyramid Lake
  • Freeman Diversion Dam and fish ladder
  • Ojai Valley groundwater recharge site
  • Lake Casitas
  • Santa Barbara desalination plant
  • Atmospheric river observatory
  • Lake Cachuma
  • Twitchell Reservoir
  • Cambria water reclamation facility
  • Lopez Lake
  • Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary

Join us for this 2 1/2-day tour through a scenic but challenged California landscape prone to drought, mudslides and wildfire. The tour starts at 1 p.m. at the Burbank Airport Aug. 27, and ends at the airport on Aug. 29, with overnight stays in Ventura and Paso Robles. You can take advantage of our “early bird” discount for a little while longer by registering before July 29th!

Click here for information on all our 2019 tours, and contact Programs Manager Nick Gray via email or at 916-444-6240 with any questions.

Incentivizing Groundwater Recharge: A Berkeley Law Symposium

September 10, Berkeley

Groundwater aquifers continue to be depleted as pumping exceeds recharge in many regions of the world, adversely affecting human and environmental systems. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is one crucial strategy to bringing these groundwater resources into sustainable balance. However, understanding is sorely lacking about how to effectively incentivize MAR, and how to navigate the institutions relevant to MAR.

This symposium will seek to fill these knowledge gaps, addressing key questions including: Who benefits from groundwater recharge? What conditions are necessary for a recharge project to succeed? How can implementation be incentivized? How should recharge projects be governed? What emerging and novel techniques hold promise for future MAR?

The symposium aims to move the conversation on MAR forward. To this end, presenters will highlight successful and novel recharge projects from across the U.S.. Experts will also speak to scientific, legal, and management issues in recharge, and how they influence potential incentive schemes. These insights will help inform practitioners and scholars about recharge and chart a path towards developing a broadly applicable framework for enabling recharge.

Click here for more information and to register.

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