NEWS WORTH NOTING: NGOs, conservation groups request posting of all comments and correspondence regarding Delta conveyance, water resilience portfolio; Now Available: 2019 Delta Science Plan

NGOs, conservation groups request posting of all comments and correspondence regarding Delta conveyance, water resilience portfolio

Last week, a coalition of conservation, fishing, and water groups sent a letter to Secretary Wade Crowfoot and Secretary Jared Blumenfeld requesting that the Department of Water Resources be required to create a single Delta tunnel project web site and to post all comments and correspondence (whether paper or electronic) that it receives.

The posting of comments and correspondence would make it unnecessary for concerned citizens and organizations to send Public Records Act requests to DWR to obtain the comments and correspondence, saving state, regional, and local water agencies, and the public, much time and expense,” the letter states.

The posting of all comments and correspondence on the public agency’s web site greatly improves public understanding by allowing all interested parties to see and consider the information, comments and views provided by other parties,” the letter continues.  “The resulting interactive, pubic process would aid your efforts to identify the best project alternative.”

The coalition is also requesting a similar website for all comments and correspondence collected for the water resilience portfolio.

Click here to read the letter.

Now Available: 2019 Delta Science Plan

Coordinated by the Delta Science Program, the updated Delta Science Plan is a guidance document that identifies tools and mechanisms to better coordinate, organize, and communicate Delta science so decision-makers can effectively take on the region’s natural resource management challenges.

In support of One Delta, One Science, the update of the Delta Science Plan relied on input from the broader Delta science and management communities. The document, a key element in a three-part Delta Science Strategy, was conducted through an open and inclusive process facilitated by the Delta Science Program.

The Delta Science Plan fulfills Delta Plan recommendation GR1 and supports requirements of the 2009 Delta Reform Act, which calls for the use of science in the development and implementation of all Delta policies and management.

Click here for more information and to download a copy.


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