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CA WATER LAW SYMPOSIUM: Questions of common supply: SGMA requirements for interconnected surface water and groundwater

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed in 2014, is California’s first statewide law that explicitly reflects the fact that surface water and groundwater are frequently interconnected and that groundwater management can impact groundwater-dependent ecosystems, surface water flows, and the beneficial uses of those flows.

SGMA requires groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) to manage groundwater to avoid six undesirable results, one of which is significant and unreasonable adverse impacts on beneficial uses of surface water. While this aspect of SGMA is clearly important, significant uncertainties exist regarding how GSAs will actually define and achieve this goal.  At the 2019 California Water Law Symposium, a panel of experts discussed the structure of SGMA and how it addresses these water connections, particularly in relation to fisheries and the public trust doctrine.

Seated on the panel:

The panel was moderated by Kevin O’Brien, attorney and partner at Downey Brand and organized by students at Golden Gate University School of Law.

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DELTA SCIENCE: Lead Scientist Dr. Callaway updates the State Water Board on science efforts in the Delta

At the May 21st meeting of the State Water Board, Lead Scientist Dr. John Callaway updated Board members of ongoing science efforts in the Delta.  In his update, Dr. Callaway discussed the advisory panel report on biological goals, the results from the recent research solicitation, and a paper on salmon resiliency in the face of climate change.

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ROBERT SHIBATANI: Are California’s Water Operations as Efficient as Claimed?

Part II: How Much Water Was Lost this Spring 2019?

This commentary was written by Robert Shibatani.

In Part I of this series, we looked at the daily operations of Folsom Reservoir this past winter from January through March to see how much water from the reservoir was released or lost from the system as “spills”. Here in Part II, we address the same daily operations of Folsom Reservoir for the primary spring months of April and May.

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In water news this week from around the web …

WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: New California Bill Could Revolutionize How the U.S. Tackles Plastic Pollution; The U.S. Isn’t Nearly As Dry As It Was a Year Ago; Lake Oroville Operations Update: June 14; A Delta Conundrum: ‘One oil well would eliminate all those wind mills and you could make it look like a tree.’; Santa Rosa Plain groundwater fees OK’d, but residents and businesses won’t pay for 3 years; SFPUC Growing Plants in Hospital-Like Nursery to Protect Water Quality; Video: Forecast-coordinated operations program; and more … READ IT HERE: Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: Communicating the Value of Water: The ABCS of Water Communication; Reclamation gives westside farmers another nudge for water; Win-loss budget outcomes for ag climate programs; California needs a big pot of money for wildfires. But how big? And who pays?; California’s wildfire season is starting and officials are bracing for the worst; How Ice A Half A World Away Affects Southern California Sea Levels; Winter lingers in high country even as summer approaches; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Wet California winter is a boon for skiers and water supply. But it brings a threat: Wildfires.; Why fighting for clean water with climate change money worries some California lawmakers; Harder pushes for passage of water bill; Long Beach joins international dancers to bring attention to water issues; Environment and energy debates take center stage in Washington DC; Air Force diverted $66 million from other projects for PFAS cleanup; Future summers will ‘smash’ temperature records every year; and more … READ IT HERE: Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: State distributes grants to help implement SGMA; CDFW Documents Statewide Impact of Recent Drought on Fish and Aquatic Species; Wildlife and Way of Life in the North Delta?; Legal alert: Resolution Adopting New Water Rates Not Subject to Referendum; California Shows Decreased Use of Most-Hazardous Pesticides; OSU researchers study ways to help rivers amid climate change; Did a burning river really fuel landmark law’s passage?; ‘Intelligent water’ could save U.S water utilities $17.6 billion, report says; Trump says ‘air and water are the cleanest they’ve ever been’ in US; and more … READ IT HERE: Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Newsom Catches Heat for Using Climate Funds on Drinking Water Plan; Radio show: How 1 Farmer Navigates California’s Strict Limit On Groundwater; California Lawmakers Approve Plan to Improve Water Management With a Network of Stream Gages; Congress passes $30 million Salton Sea bill; NOAA Fisheries adopts new plan for West Coast ecosystem science and management; Groundwater pumping has significantly reduced US stream flows; Septic sticker shock hits Russian River area; Kern County’s recharging basins come with a pesky price; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Who owns groundwater? Lawsuit seeks to answer the question; State Thanks ‘Robust’ Storms for Higher Water Allocation; The Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority’s Role in Assisting DWR; ‘This is all stolen land’: Native Americans want more than California’s apology; Rice fields provide protected habitat for young salmon; Protecting US from rising sea levels will cost $400 billion over next 20 years, study finds; Looking for Fresh Water in All the Snowy Places; Looking for some weekend water fun?; and more … READ IT HERE: Friday’s Daily Digest

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