WATER STORAGE INVESTMENT PROGRAM: Informational Meeting – Administration of Public Benefits

From the California Water Commission:

An information exchange on the administration of public benefits for Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) projects will take place on May 30 in Sacramento.

Having received maximum conditional eligibility determinations from the California Water Commission in July 2018, WSIP applicants are now working to obtain the required permits, environmental documents and contracts prior to returning to the Commission for a final award hearing. Among the requirements are contracts for the administration of public benefits with the state agencies responsible for administering them. WSIP public benefits include ecosystem improvement, flood control, water quality improvement, emergency response and recreation.

Staff from the state agencies responsible for administering the public benefits — the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources — will discuss each public benefit type and current thoughts on metrics, monitoring, and management. While it may be multiple years before any project is ready to enter into a public benefit contract, the agencies are open to hearing and considering stakeholder input on monitoring data, management concerns, or system limitations to realizing the public benefits. This information exchange will help agencies as they work with applicants in developing contracts. California Water Commission staff will also explain the WSIP process and how best to stay up-to-date as the projects progress.

WSIP Informational Meeting on the Administration of Public Benefits
When: 10 a.m. Thursday, May 30. Meeting expected to run two to three hours
Where: California Secretary of State Multi-Purpose Room, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento
Info: (916) 651-0156, cwc@water.ca.gov

Those unable to attend in person can participate in the meeting via webcast at http://cal-span.org/unipage/index.php?site=cal-span&meeting=2019&owner=CWC. Those participating via webcast will have an opportunity to email their contributions to the discussion.

For more information on WSIP, including general project schedules and timelines, visit cwc.ca.gov/Water-Storage.



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