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Presentation delves into the proposed voluntary agreement; compares flows, looks at funding

At the March meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Water Planning and Stewardship Committee, Bay Delta Initiatives Manager Steve Arakawa walked committee members through the recent framework for the voluntary agreement that is being proposed as an alternative to the State Water Board’s update to the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan.  Mr. Arakawa’s presentation included a comparison of proposed flows in the voluntary agreement proposal to those being proposed by State Water Board staff, as well as a look at how the proposed actions would be funded.

It’s also important to note that the proposal submitted to the State Water Board is not yet complete; it includes a planning agreement among the negotiating parties (water agencies, irrigation districts, NGOs) submitting the proposal that is an agreement to continue working out the details in hopes of reaching a final agreement (or in other words, a plan to continue planning).

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MONDAY: Companies polluted Western waters. Now taxpayers are picking up the tab; USGS study predicts more disastrous effects from sea level rise in Bay Area; This invasive 20-pound rodent could devastate California’s agriculture industry; Once Again in Redwood City, a Battle Brews Over Cargill’s Land; Fish in tubes: The salmon cannon is just one place where fish go tubular; and more … READ IT HERE:  Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: New storm to mark end of dry spell in California, Southwest; One Increasingly Popular Way to Control Floods: Let the Water Come; Did Reclamation Do Right by Westlands With 55% Allocation?; Will salmon and steelhead once again spawn on the Mokelumne above Pardee?; Legal Alert: State Water Board Unveils Aggressive Plan to Issue Investigative Orders for PFAS; Western drought deal is a go, without IID and as Salton Sea clean-up remains stalled; White House FY20 budget proposes cuts for EPA, Army Corps; and more … READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: FEMA Details Why It Rejected State’s Request for Oroville Spillway Funds; Sierra Snowpack at 156% as Some CA Ski Resorts Get Over 550 Inches of Snow This Season; Patzert says not so fast with declaring drought over; groundwater recovery could take years; Resource issues dominate annual CFBF conference; Siskiyou County: Agreement intends to help landowners aid salmon; Western states finish Colorado River drought deal, ask Congress to sign off; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: How rising sea levels could impact Delta and the Sacramento Valley; Litigation Over California WaterFix Slows; Governor Newsom pushes for fee to clean up tainted water; Why President Trump’s Fast-Tracked Water Allocations Are Raising Alarm; California’s drought may be over, but its trees are still dying; EPA Boss Calls Unsafe Water Bigger Issue Than Climate Change; and more … READ IT HERE:  Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Details of Newsom’s plan for drinking water tax revealed; Expert Claims CA Water Officials Are Flirting With Disaster At Oroville Dam; State of California begins treatment of invasive aquatic plants; California’s drought is over. What will that mean for water use?; Army bill for public records on contaminant: About $300,000; Three eye-opening water maps for business; Feds Sued Over Plan to Drain More of Colorado River Basin; and more … READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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