WATER QUALITY: U.S.EPA approves sediment quality provisions

From the State Water Board:

U.S. EPA approved the State Water Boards amendments to the Water Quality Control Plan for Enclosed Bays and Estuaries – Sediment Quality Provisions in accordance with section 303(c) of the Clean Water Act and 40 C.F.R Part 131.  The provisions become effective under the Clean Water Act upon U.S. EPA approval.  U.S.EPA approval encompasses the revisions adopted under Resolution 2018-0028 as well as those adopted under Resolution 2011-0017.

Amendments adopted under Resolution 2018-0028 consist of a revised human health assessment framework for organochlorine pesticides and PCBs as well as revisions to the existing aquatic life assessment framework. Amendments adopted under Resolution 2011-0017 consist of a narrative SQO protecting resident fish and wildlife from contaminants in sediment and an assessment framework based on ecological risk assessment.  Use the link below for more information on U.S. EPA approval and sediment quality provisions



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