WEEKLY WATER NEWS DIGEST for January 20 through 25

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CA WATER COMMISSION: Implementing AB 1755: The Open and Transparent Water Data Act; Groundwater Basin Boundary Modifications

At the January meeting of the California Water Commission, the commissioners were given a presentation on the progress in implementing AB 1755, The Open and Transparent Water Data Act, and a briefing on the draft groundwater basin boundary modifications as part of the Department of Water Resources’ ongoing efforts to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

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BAY DELTA SCIENCE CONFERENCE: Drought Resistance and Resilience in the Delta Fish Community for over 5 Decades

The 2012-2016 California drought was unprecedented in severity. In the San Francisco Estuary, the drought was characterized by elevated nutrient loads, depressed zooplankton densities, enhanced Microcystis blooms, and an expansion of invasive aquatic vegetation coverage. Did wet conditions in 2017 allow the system to return to pre-drought conditions? Furthermore, has the capacity for drought resilience in the San Francisco Estuary changed over the last 5 decades during which we have been collecting ecological data? …

Dr. Louise Conrad is Program Manager for Estuarine Science and Synthesis with the Department of Water Resources and one of the researchers working on the IEP team. She gave this presentation at the 2018 Bay Delta Science Conference to highlight some of the results of their research.

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: Strange bedfellows: Harder praises Trump, Denham for work to keep water for farmers; ‘A crisis of sewage’: California lawmakers seek funding for the polluted New River; Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations leave 2 billion gallons more water in Lake Mendocino after rains; Snow and wind expected in Tahoe on Sunday – avalanche warning issued for backcountry; Chances of El Nino continue to fade; With Jan. 31 deadline looming, water legislation takes shape in Arizona; and more … READ IT HERE: Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: Senator Dianne Feinstein drops support for WIIN Act; Teenage Diver Finds Tons of Golf Balls Rotting Off California Coast; Federal shutdown impacting Eel River salmon; Lake Powell could become a ‘dead pool’ as climate change, political wars and unabated growth drain its waters; and more … READ IT HERE:  Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Atmospheric river boosted California snowpack well above average by mid-January; Implementing groundwater regulations in Kern County; Departing Nevada state engineer approves controversial water market near Eureka; ‘The United States won’t let Lake Mead crash’; and more … READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Newsom’s new ‘water tax’ poses test for California GOP; High pressure ridge settled along coast keeping California dry; Dallas engineering firm lands California Water Fix contract; Nutria threat continues to grow in farm counties; California contemplates more water for struggling fish; Bay Delta Plan lawsuits continue to be filed; Trump’s deregulatory agenda in court; and more, plus BBID Election Tiebreaker Makes International Headlines READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Five Things to Know About How the Partial Federal Government Shutdown May Affect Western Water and Resource Issues; Government shutdown delays, disrupts environmental studies; Sierra snowpack is four times the size it was this time last year; King tides offer look at the coast’s flooded future with sea-level rise; Marysville native, water expert tapped for Bureau of Reclamation; 2020 Dems embrace climate, but will voters?; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Mathis announces bipartisan bill to solve state’s water crisis without raising taxes; 580 billion gallons. That’s How Much Water Recent Storms Added to California Reservoirs; Water utilities call on big data to guide pipe replacements; Farmers, enviros alarmed by USDA’s new wetland rules; and more … READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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