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BAY DELTA SCIENCE CONFERENCE: Checking assertions with data: Untangling factors that constrain water exports from the San Francisco Bay estuary

The Banks Pumping Plant in the South Delta (Photo by DWR)

In recent years, media reports and editorials have suggested that environmental regulations have made Delta outflows increasingly large, project water exports are frequently limited or even halted by regulations to protect endangered species, and that regulations designed to protect endangered species, the Delta Smelt in particular, are the principal restrictions on exports and are thus responsible for most of the water that flows from the Central Valley to San Francisco Bay.  But are these assertions true?  Are Delta smelt really responsible for as much as they get blamed for?

The Bay Institute studied water management practices and constraints that affect the flow of water into and through the San Francisco Bay and the Delta estuary, which is home to six imperiled fish species and water export facilities owned by the state and federal governments that serve millions of people and large expanses of agricultural land.

Using several public data sources, The Bay Institute analyzed the long‐term trend in the net effect on Delta outflow of water diversions in the estuary’s Central Valley watershed, and the frequency and magnitude of specific regulatory and infrastructural constraints on the two water export facilities.

Greg Reis, a scientist with the Bay Institute, as well as an Information & Restoration Specialist at Mono Lake Committee, gave a presentation at the 2018 Bay Delta Science Conference to discuss the results.

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BAY DELTA SCIENCE CONFERENCE: Emergent groundwater and sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay Area: the silent and largely unknown underground threat

The threats that sea level rise poses to coastal development from direct inundation are better understood than the threats due to rising groundwater levels. Rising sea level will raise the level of groundwater in coastal aquifers, resulting in damage to buried infrastructure and increased potential for flooding from groundwater inundation.

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Silvestrum Climate Associates have performed a preliminary investigation of the potential regional impacts of sea level rise on coastal aquifers of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some of California’s densest and most economically valuable development is built around the Bay on unconsolidated sediment, with an already high water table that will be lifted higher as sea level rises.

At the 2018 Bay Delta Science Conference, Ellen Plane from UC Berkeley and Abby Mohan with Silvestrum Climate Associates discussed their research.

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: San Francisco Mayor Breed vetoes supervisors’ resolution that supported state river plan; Delta dilemma: Will WaterFix fix it or not?; Monterey: The river is running through it; If Proposition 3 Passes, 2018 Could Become California’s Highest-Funded Year for Water Projects in Decades; Colorado River drought plan jeopardized by Pinal County water battle; and more … plus watch NASA release 450,000 gallons of water in under a minute … READ IT HERE:  Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: Water sustains everything in California farm country. It may also save this House Republican; State Water Board petitioned: Groups demand pesticide reduction on the Smith River; The Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers a million square miles. A 24-year-old dropout is trying to clean it up; October’s low rainfall increases concern for California farmers; U.C. Davis Law’s Environmental Law Center Releases Proposition 3 White Paper; Trump: ‘People very much dispute’ climate change; and more … READ IT HERE:  Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Trial date set for Oroville Dam lawsuits against DWR; Climate Change and California’s Water Supply: How Can We Adapt?; Where California gubernatorial candidates John Cox and Gavin Newsom stand on the top issues in the state; Proposition 3 pours money on Central Valley water projects, faces opposition; Every president since 1961 was warned about climate change; and more … READ MORE HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Governor Brown asks State Water Board to postpone today’s vote; Newsom wins, Denham has edge over Harder, but final results not in yet; Prop 3 defeated; New methods to be implemented to ensure safe drinking water in Redding; Does the Inland Empire have enough water for population growth?; State fully committed to Salton Sea, says John Laird; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Board agrees to Newsom-Brown request to delay decision on water plan; Prop 3 failed, so what’s next for the Friant Kern canal?; How Gov-Elect Gavin Newsom could shape California’s future, issue by issue; The State of Jefferson’s plan for a California divided; 5 crops in the crosshairs of climate change; and more … READ IT HERE:  Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Delta Stewardship Council issues draft determination on Californa Water Fix; Did gas, homeless people and sick kids kill California’s water bond?; El Nino has 80% chance of forming this winter, scientists predict; Thousands flee three fast moving California wildfires; Klamath Tribes drop lawsuit over endangered sucker fish; Rain study in Ukiah helps convince Army Corps to store more water in Lake Mendocino; San Bernardino: ‘Floating balls’ will aim to deter birds from reservoir near airport; and more … READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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