OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT: Draft Water Boards’ Tribal Consultation Policy

From the State Water Resources Control Board:

We are delighted to release the draft Water Boards’ Tribal Consultation Policy for tribal and public comment. This policy is intended for the use of supporting our over 2,000 Water Board staff statewide in engaging with California Native American tribes through consultation and collaboration that allows for valuable input on Water Board actions that may have an impact to tribal lands and/or cultural resources.

A copy of the draft policy is included in the below web address as we are seeking input and comments to ensure that it is as meaningful for everyone involved in our tribal consultation efforts. We will be welcoming comments during our open comment period from October 15, 2018 to November 28, 2018. Additionally, we will hold a series of workshops throughout the state to provide an overview of the policy, and welcome verbal comments. The workshop locations and dates will be posted on our webpage at the below web address.


All comments and input on the draft Water Boards’ Tribal Consultation Policy presented at these workshops will be considered by staff as we finalize the draft document. Further, written comments can also be submitted to the following address or email:

Angela Rabe
Environmental Scientist
State Water Resources Control Board
P.O. Box 100
Sacramento, CA 95812-2815

Email: tribal-liaison@waterboards.ca.gov

Thank you kindly in advance for your valuable input. Should you have any comments or questions regarding the draft Water Boards’ Tribal Consultation Policy, feel free to contact me directly at tribal-liaison@waterboards.ca.gov.

Gita Kapahi
Tribal Liaison
State Water Resources Control Board


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