THIS JUST IN … State Water Board to still hear public comment on San Joaquin flow objectives, but final decision will come at a later date *UPDATED*

The State Water Board has just issued a revised agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting, noting that the Board will still hear public comment on the proposed resolution to adopt amendments to the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan and the Final SED for the San Joaquin River flow objectives, but the final decision will come at a later meeting.

The Board notice points out that all oral comments related to the proposed resolution should be made at the August 21-22 meeting, as there may not be an opportunity for further comments.

For the revised notice: revised notice_baydelta plan

UPDATE:  Secretary Laird has requested the opportunity to make a presentation on adaptive management and voluntary settlement agreements at Tuesday’s board meeting.  To read the letter from the State Water Board to Secretary Laird: Response Ltr to Laird 8.15.18


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