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FloodMAR: Using floodwaters for groundwater recharge

Kamyar Guivetchi on the importance of the Flood MAR concept and what DWR and other state agencies are doing to advance the concept

Flood-MAR is an integrated water resource management strategy that uses flood waters resulting from rainfall or snowmelt for managed aquifer recharge on agricultural lands and working landscapes. Flood-MAR can also be implemented at multiple scales, from individual landowners diverting flood water with existing infrastructure to using extensive detention/recharge areas and modernizing flood management infrastructure and operations.

With the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act as well as the effects of climate change necessitating changes in how water is managed in California, Flood Managed Aquifer Recharge, or Flood-MAR, potentially presents a sustainable strategy that can simultaneously accommodate longer and deeper droughts along with more severe and frequent flooding.

In a July 2018 webinar, Kamyar Guivetchi, Manager of the Division of Statewide Integrated Water Management with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), discussed the importance of the Flood MAR concept and what DWR and other state agencies are doing to advance the concept.

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: Navy failed to warn San Francisco to tainted shipyard water, documents show; Feds protest California water changes; Who owns the aquifer? Stanford study reveals the changing scope of Native American groundwater rights; A vicious climate cycle: Droughts are becoming hotter, raising risk of wildfire, scientists say; Record heat in California is no fluke, experts warn; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: Trump says ‘bad environmental laws’ to blame for California wildfires; California’s groundwater law means big changes above ground, too; Marin coast sea floor explored for clues on how to protect sensitive areas; California’s destructive summer brings blunt talk about climate change; Piling up: Drowning in a sea of plastic READ IT HERE:  Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Farmers tap free-market ideas in bid to rescue aquifer; New water rules hurting ag land prices; Rain on snow flood risk to increase in many US mountains; Trump wildfire tweets spark bewilderment about California water; Trump admin sees grim climate outcome in car rule; A giant floating trash collector will try to scoop up the Pacific Garbage Patch; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Trump wildfire tweets renew federal spending fight; In a US-China trade war, what are the stakes for the Valley?; Trump officials push states to take more power over waterways; Feds, water district at odds over whether to consider Novato Creek a fish habitat; Air pollution off Mono Lake shores calls for pro-active planning, says Great Basin; Farmers are drawing groundwater from the giant Ogallala Aquifer faster than nature replenishes it; Florida’s war against toxic algal blooms; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY:  Trump’s tweet becomes policy after firefighters rebuffed it; Zinke blames ‘radical environmentalists’ for wildfires; ‘Crucial milestone’ met at Oroville Dam with structural concrete placement; California water regulators help target black market marijuana farmers; Seaside mansion or public beach: Which will the Coastal Commission save?; Photographer has chronicled California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers for 40 years. He’s worried; Making water last; Improved Oxidation is Water Wizardry Against Drought; and more … READ IT HERE:  Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY:  San Diego County Water Authority conditionally backs $17B Delta tunnels plan; CalTech animation based on satellite data shows Southern California “breathing water”; New challenges to Californians’ beach access; Homeowners fined $1 million in seawall fight; Hundreds of abandoned boats create problem on the Delta; July 2018 warmest month in California history; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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