AUGUST CONFERENCES: Maximizing Alluvial Aquifers, San Bernardino Water Conference; Urban Water Institute Annual Conference; CA Water Data Summit

Maximizing America’s Alluvial Aquifers Conference

August 8, Healdsburg

An intense one-day information-exchange program about science, design, engineering and operational issues related to extracting groundwater from unconsolidated aquifers using riverbed and riverbank alluvial aquifers to naturally filter the source water.

This program will discuss: case studies from experts in the design, construction and operation of riverbank filtration facilities in the Western US; characteristics of alluvial aquifer hydrogeology and variable geology in the west that influences design and operation of riverbank filtration facilities; and current research and studies regarding the effectiveness of riverbank filtration to remove pathogens and other contaminants of concern and the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure.

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San Bernardino County Water Conference

August 10, Ontario

On August 10, government officials, premier water experts, business leaders and community stakeholders will attend the region’s largest event focused on solutions to overcome California’s water challenges.

The conference enables the public to engage with business, community and civic leaders to discuss issues such as infrastructure, legislation, conservation mandates and next steps in dealing with these issues.

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Urban Water Institute Annual Conference

August 22-24, San Diego

The Urban Water Institute will host its Annual Water Conference, being held at Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa on August 22-24, 2018 in San Diego, CA.

Panel topics include drought contingency planning, California Water Fix, stormwater management, the water bond and more.

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California Water Data Summit: Rethinking Water Management: A Data-Driven Future

Coming out of an historic drought, California is looking at how to better manage water resources throughout the state.

The Third Annual Water Data Summit will present a roadmap for modernizing the California water industry and serve as a touchpoint for water data work the Monday after and for years to come.

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