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METROPOLITAN BAY DELTA COMMITTEE: Update on California Water Fix and the Design and Construction Authority and the Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Program

At the May meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay Delta, committee members received an update on the California Water Fix project, including the start up of the Design and Construction JPA, and an update on the Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Program.

Bay Delta Initiatives Manager Steve Arakawa updated the committee members on the California Water Fix project.  He began by noting that during April and May, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, the Alameda County Water District, and the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency have voted to support the project, and the Mojave Water Agency was scheduled to take action later in the week; other agencies are expected to take it to their boards in June, including Kern County Water Agency.

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DELTA STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL: Data to Decision Making: The Open and Transparent Water Data Act

In 2016, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1755, the Open and Transparent Water Data Act, which requires the Department of Water Resources, in consultation with the California Water Quality Monitoring Council, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife to improve the accessibility and usability of water and environmental data. The intended outcome for AB 1755 is to create, operate, and maintain a statewide integrated data platform that is operational with available water and environmental State agency datasets by Sept 1, 2019.

Many organizations now make scientific data available on their organizational website, or through data portals maintained and managed by government agencies, university libraries, non-profit organization or other venues. Nonetheless, many obstacles remain, which make it difficult to organize, locate, and access scientific data from the many organizations that collect these data.

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: Delta Stewardship Council sued over Delta Plan conveyance amendment; Frazier asks US Senators to oppose Cal WaterFix rider; Legal analysis: Can Congress prevent state and federal courts from hearing WaterFix lawsuits?; New set of scores released for water bond projects; U.S. Senate bill would require independent review of Oroville Dam; Oroville Dam: DWR attempts to quash Butte County lawsuit; and more … READ IT HERE: Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: After years of skepticism, San Diego supports Delta tunnels project; Straws. Bottle caps. Polyester. These are the new targets of California’s environmental movement; South of Delta allocations increased to 45%; NASA’s building new tools to manage water as climate dangers grow; Oregon tribes say feds failed to protect Upper Klamath Lake sucker fish, violated Endangered Species Act; Below Mount Shasta, a fight burbles over bottled water; Photo gallery: Golden Gate Bridge turns 81; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Like it or not, the water is coming: Will the Bay Area defend against rising seas or embrace them?; Protecting native fish in the Delta; The snow drought in California is fueling wildfires, floods, and mudslides; Growing California rice and almonds against the grain; Klamath River dam panel gets FERC approval; 206-acre meadow acquired for large-scale restoration of Upper Truckee River watershed; and more … READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Illegal pot grows spread deadly pesticides, other hazards, despite change in law; California, US team up on an issue that divides them: pot; Feds push to raise Shasta Dam, but would it ease California water woes?; Environmentalists’ lawsuit to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir heads back to court; Drawing a line in the sand over Russian River rights; Gallagher’s State Water Project bill rejected; How the Colorado River’s future could hinge on little-known California election; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Just keep swimming: Fish to have easier access to Sacramento River; Delta derelict vessel removal fund passes Assembly vote; The battle over Hetch Hetchy reservoir in judge’s hands; Tough conversations about climate change planning in California; New device produces water from thin air – no electricity required; Paris Agreement: How the world is coping with Trump’s exit; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Drought or no drought: Jerry Brown sets permanent water conservation rules for Californians; The Delta has 185 Invasive Species, But Tracking Them is Uneven; San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District votes to join California Water Fix; 360,000 Californians have unsafe drinking water. Are you one of them?; New technology can purify ‘dirty’ winter stormwater; How Climate Change Ignites Wildfires From California to South Africa;As Microplastics Invade Every Ecosystem, More Research and Action Needed; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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