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Governor Brown addresses ACWA conference, emphasizes that now is the time to get things done

“The only time you get anything done with water is when a Brown is governor. And there are no more Brown’s coming along so you better get it done.”

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown addressed attendees of the ACWA Spring Conference in a surprise appearance.  Here is what he had to say, in his own words:

Thank you very much.  I think you have more here than when I was here the last time, so maybe you have more problems or more solutions or you want more of something. Most people who come to Sacramento want more.  And if you add up all the mores we’re totally bankrupt so watch out. But we are here to do something and we want to do the right somethings and just the right amount. That’s where it takes a lot of wisdom because anybody who wants something gets a lobbyist and then they come around and we have to fight over it.”

But today, I want to talk to you about water. That’s a topic I’ve heard for most of my life. When I was in grammar school, my father became Attorney General in California and the great Arizona versus California water case was going on.  He was the lawyer then in the Supreme Court so I’ve been hearing about this as well as the water bond that barely passed in 1960.  A lot of people were focused on the Kennedy-Nixon race but I can tell you my father was focused on the water bond. That’s what he was interested in. It’s always close … Water is something you should never take for granted, but I think people do. They just turn the tap, expect it to be there.”

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: California water projects move forward in funding process; Unfavorable review may jeopardize Oroville Dam spillway funding; Twain’s whiskey and water adage still relevant to the Delta; Salton Sea residents say California legislators broke funding promises; Inside the $4.1 billion California measure that thinks small to fix parks, waterways; Arizona water agencies pledge to work together on Colorado River drought plan; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: One stretch of river could decide the future of Shasta Dam; Fewer trees, more water: Study finds runoff boost from forest thinning; Push on to get twin tunnels finalized by year’s end; Debate emerges over how to recover costs for Oroville spillway repair; EPA: ‘Congenial opportunist’ in line for regional top post; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: In California water news today, $650 million vote set on Delta tunnels project: Are taxpayers protected?; Governor Brown accused of behind-the-scenes manipulation in vote on water tunnel project; Is WaterFix another megaproject gone awry?; Salmon spawn fierce debate over protecting endangered species, thanks to a single gene; ‘The drought is not over’: Residents still getting water from temporary tanks fear cutoff; California considers charge on utility bills to create safe water fund; Oroville Dam: FEMA still deciding whether to reimburse DWR for major repairs; State has ‘Miracle March’ for water conservation; Sites Reservoir official: Commission ‘undervalues’ project’s public benefits; Disappointment for Temperance Flat Reservoir Project; Democrats warn against potential ESA change for threatened species; and more … READ IT HERE: Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Brown’s Delta tunnels get $650 million boost from Bay Area water agency; California lawmakers want faster action on Salton Sea; Climate change ruining California’s environment, report warns; Phase 2 construction begins at Oroville Dam; Prop 1 water project backers discuss California Water Commission’s decision; Report: Legal marijuana boosts government revenue — a little; and more …  READ IT HERE: Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Oroville Spillway work resumes; Fire officials proclaim new level of fire danger; Gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen wants to complete the State Water Project; California sees success against climate change, but more still needed; Precipitation whiplash and climate change threaten California’s fresh water; Mexico, Arizona, Nevada Could See Colorado River Cutback By 2020; and more …  READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Governor Brown addresses ACWA convention, stresses support for Delta tunnels project; Governor Brown orders major offensive against wildfire threat; Justice Department asks judge to dismiss climate change lawsuits; Oroville spillway work resumes as funding questions linger; What if people were paid to use less water?; ‘We need action,’ federal official tells Colorado River states; and more …  READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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