NEWS WORTH NOTING: Learning from California’s experience with small water system consolidations; Water and Climate Update: 24-hour record rainfall certification underway in Hawaii

Learning from California’s Experience with Small Water System Consolidations

From UC Berkeley’s Center for Land, Energy, and Environment:

“California recognizes a human right to safe, affordable drinking water. However, small and disadvantaged communities can find it especially challenging to fund the water systems necessary to achieve this goal. Small water systems are responsible for the bulk of the state’s drinking water quality violations, and an estimated 300 disadvantaged communities in California are served by systems that fail to meet state drinking water standards.

Water system consolidations can create economies of scale that help address persistent water system inadequacies in small and disadvantaged communities. More than 100 consolidation projects have been completed or are ongoing in California, and many more communities are likely to pursue consolidations in the future. While consolidation offers many potential benefits for communities served by unreliable water systems, the costs and benefits associated with different consolidation options have not been well documented. During the current legislative session, legislators have introduced several legislative proposals to address perceived needs related to consolidation. … ”

Water and Climate Update: 24-hour record rainfall certification underway in Hawaii

From the USDA:

The Natural Resources Conservation Service produces this weekly report using data and products from the National Water and Climate Center and other agencies. The report focuses on seasonal snowpack, precipitation, temperature, and drought conditions in the U.S.

According to the National Weather Service Honolulu “The National Climatic Extremes Committee will be reviewing the data and gauge site to determine the validity and potentially certify the report from Waipa, Kauai on April 14-15, 2018 as a new national 24-hour rainfall record.” Rainfall measured at this site was 49.69 inches causing major flooding on the north side of the island.

Click here to read the report.


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