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CA WATER COMMISSION: A primer on water rights permitting and change petitions

Presentation covers applications for new water rights, fully appropriated streams, and change petitions

At the March meeting of the California Water Commission, Amanda Montgomery, Chief of the Permitting Section for the Division of Water Rights at the State Water Resources Control Board was on hand to discuss the complex issue of water rights permitting and change petitions.  Ms. Montgomery’s presentation focused on post-1914 appropriative water rights which the Board oversees, covered the processing steps and timelines for processing applications, highlighted fully appropriated streams and state-filed applications, and discussed change petitions, processing, and timelines.

Ms. Montgomery began by pointing out the general policies that govern all water rights in California …

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CA WATER COMMISSION: Article 21 water, explained

Some of the new water storage projects plan to use Article 21 water in part to fill their projects.  What is Article 21 water and how often is it available?

The nine members of the California Water Commission have been tasked with deciding how to award the $2.7 billion in Prop 1 funds slated to pay for the public benefits of water storage projects, and competition is pretty fierce among the eleven competing projects.  However, in order for these newly built storage projects to be filled, there must be water available to be put into that storage.  Some of the projects have suggested that the water for their project might come in part through ‘Article 21’ water.

So what exactly is Article 21 water?  On hand to brief the Commissioners on that very question at the March meeting of the California Water Commission was Tasmin Eusuff from the State Water Project Analysis Office at the Department of Water Resources.  In her presentation, she gave a definition of Article 21 water, its availability, the allocation process, and how Article 21 water has been administered in the past.

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In water news this week from around the web …

WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: How Cape Town found water savings California never dreamed of; Cape Town drought is global harbinger, says NASA scientist; California Court of Appeal rejects challenge to water right permit and license fee; Feeling drought fatigue? How to get back to saving water and money; What 3 feet of sea level rise means for the world’s turtles; Marin bolsters flood prevention efforts with more weather devices; Lawsuit: What is killing endangered salmon in San Jose creeks?; Trump’s border wall won’t stop sewage; and more … READ IT HERE: Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: Early April rain to return risk of flooding, mudslides to Northern California; Californians are back to wasting about as much water as before the drought; Wet spot on Oroville Dam spillway wasn’t unexpected; In Idaho, a model for long-term groundwater recharge tastes success; What do shrinking snowpack and warmer winters spell for western US water supply?; EPA: ‘Can we say … climate?’ Agency grapples with Trump’s views; Initiative aims to redistribute Yuba County groundwater wealth; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Metropolitan backs away from plan to finance both Delta tunnels; Sierra snowpack still skimpy after March storms; Deep water in deep trouble: Can we save CA’s drying aquifers?; Trump Administration moves on two fronts to challenge CA environmental protections; and more …  READ IT HERE: Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Coming storm could force first test of Oroville Dam’s partly rebuilt spillway; ‘Moisture surge’ from atmospheric river to drench Sacramento on Friday and Saturday; California’s nearly dismal snow year a harbinger of things to come; Drought puts UC’s water-savings strategies into practice; Sonoma County launches first test of ‘groundwater banking’ to bolster supplies; Stronger together: The Bay Area’s newly linked water lifelines; and more … READ IT HERE: Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Big storm raising flooding fears across Northern California; Feather River flows increase to make room in Lake Oroville; Nothing’s been done to protect 100 miles of Southern California creeks and rivers, group claims in lawsuit against Trump Administration; New report on climate change in the Sierra Nevada shows need for human adaptation; Interior Department proposal could end protections for threatened species; Leaked memo: Pruitt has authority over Clean Water Act;  and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: Heavy rain expected in Northern California through Saturday; California storm may test spillway at nation’s tallest dam; Statewide water bond measures could have Californians doing a double-take in 2018; New report finds solutions for water justice close at hand; Dutch Slough tidal marsh project begins next month; California farmers finding more ways to conserve water; and more … READ IT HERE:  Friday’s Daily Digest

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