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GROUNDWATER RIGHTS PRIMER: What Agencies & Project Developers Need to Know

A seminar at McGeorge School of Law takes a deep dive into groundwater rights and SGMA

California depends on groundwater for a major portion of its annual water supply, and sustainable groundwater management is essential to a reliable and resilient water system. In recognition of this, the legislature passed a three-bill package known as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in 2014 that set in motion a plan to sustainably manage the state’s groundwater basins.  The centerpiece of the legislation is recognition that groundwater management is best accomplished at the local level, and so SGMA requires the creation of groundwater sustainability agencies to develop and implement locally-developed groundwater sustainability plans, allowing 20 years to achieve sustainability.

The legislation explicitly states that it does not alter any water rights: the legislation adds Water Code section 10720.5(b) that states that nothing in the legislation “determines or alters surface water rights or groundwater rights under common law or any provision of law that determines or grants surface water rights.”  However, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and project proponents must address such rights in groundwater sustainability plan development, projects to increase yield such as recharge projects, and reducing pumping to reach sustainability.

California’s structure of groundwater rights is notoriously complex, directly related to hydrologic conditions, and complicates the goal of sustainable groundwater management.  At the McGeorge School of Law’s Executive Training on Water Rights in Groundwater: A Deep Dive into California Groundwater Rights, Professor Jennifer Harder and Hydrogeologist Derrik Williams discussed the convoluted world of groundwater rights as it exists in California.

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WEEKEND DAILY DIGEST: Scientists say new reservoirs will not offset dramatically declining snowpack; Cannabis vs. water; From almonds to rice, climate change could slash California crop yields by 2050; Man overpays bill for more than two decades. Should he get it all back?; Trump wants to pass out billions for rural infrastructure, but what counts as ‘rural’?; and more …  READ IT HERE: Weekend Daily Digest

MONDAY: What, if anything, is lost in building one tunnel, not two?; Welcome snow slows California’s plunge back to drought; Weak Sacramento chinook salmon run could hurt, eliminate ocean fishing; Most California schools OK for lead levels in drinking water; thousands yet to be tested; To feed the nation, California farmers must adapt to a warming climate, study says; and more … READ IT HERE: Monday’s Daily Digest

TUESDAY: Judge shoots down Delta tunnel foes’ request to halt key hearing; Storm helps but snowpack far below normal; Big snow maker storm improves California’s water outlook; With Supreme Court challenge, tech billionaire could dismantle beach access rights — and a landmark coastal law; Underwater, networked drones monitor water quality; Hetch Hetchy water’s long trip from Sierra to San Francisco; and more … READ IT HERE:  Tuesday’s Daily Digest

WEDNESDAY: Weekend storm to deliver welcome rain to drought-stricken California; Why this year’s low snowpack doesn’t mean a drought; Water reuse approved by State Water Board; Habitat work shows benefits for protected salmon; Podcast: Tricia Parker and Jim Smith, USFWS: Protecting spring-run chinook salmon in Northern California; How dangerous is raw water?; Community Water Center leaders get award; Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science; San Luis Obispo County refuses to relinquish control to new North County water district; Infighting delays Lake Mead drought plan as water ‘bankers’ protect control; and more … READ IT HERE:  Wednesday’s Daily Digest

THURSDAY: Pressure mounts on Cal Water Fix agencies; A ‘floating fillet:’ Rice farmers grow bugs to replenish California salmon; State water savings dip close to zero during January; Winnemem chief Caleen Sisk to run for state Assembly; Recycled water from sewers coming to California taps; First rising tides, now sinking shores: Study finds new trouble for Bay Area; Las Vegas considering Pacific Coast desalination plant in the future; and more … READ IT HERE: Thursday’s Daily Digest

FRIDAY: California fish experts: Delta tunnels could help save native species; Winter run chinook may get second home in Battle Creek; How NASA, lasers, and new technology help measure California’s snowpack with exceptional accuracy; Amid rains, drought fears loom; Despite recent storm, California’s drought map depicts same bleak outlook; SoCal water officials oppose drinking water cleanup plan that would tax users; UC and its national labs invest in California climate change research; and more … READ IT HERE: Friday’s Daily Digest

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