NEWS WORTH NOTING: Report: Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act; Delta Stewardship Council releases 2017 Annual Report; President proposes $1B FY2019 budget for Reclamation, more than $200M for Army Corps Sacto District projects

Report: Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Guidance for Preparing Groundwater Sustainability Plans

From the Nature Conservancy:

California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) of 2014 is landmark legislation that empowers local agencies, known as groundwater sustainability agencies, to sustainably manage groundwater resources for social, economic and environmental benefits. SGMA also includes specific requirements to identify and consider impacts to groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs). Recognizing the data and resource challenges surrounding these requirements, The Nature Conservancy developed this science-based guidance document to help agencies, consultants, and stakeholders efficiently incorporate GDEs into groundwater sustainability plans.

Delta Stewardship Council releases 2017 Annual Report

From the Delta Stewardship Council:

Since the Delta Plan’s adoption in May 2013, the Council has published end-of-year progress reports highlighting the work of Council and related agency staff working to support the Delta Plan and the State’s coequal goals of water supply reliability and Delta ecosystem restoration.

Some implementation highlights in the 2017 Annual Report include:

For more details regarding 2017 Delta Plan progress highlights, please click here.

President proposed $1.0 billion fiscal year 2019 budget for the Bureau of Reclamation

From the US Bureau of Reclamation:

Today, President Donald Trump proposed a $1.049 billion Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation. The budget supports the Department’s goals of ensuring the provision of secure and reliable water supplies, the efficient generation of American energy, celebration of America’s resources and recreational opportunities, and fulfilling commitments to tribal nations.

Reclamation is the nation’s largest wholesale water supplier and second-largest producer of hydroelectric power; its projects and programs are an important driver of economic growth in the Western states. Reclamation manages water for agricultural, municipal and industrial uses, and provides flood risk reduction and recreation for millions of people.

“President Trump’s budget for Reclamation shows his strong commitment to our mission of delivering water and generating hydropower in the West,” Commissioner Brenda Burman said. “The request also highlights how critical Reclamation’s facilities are to the nation’s infrastructure while also supporting tribal nations.”

Reclamation’s budget is offset by current receipts in the Central Valley Project Restoration Fund of $62.0 million, resulting in net discretionary budget authority of $987.0 million. Of this amount, $891.0 million is for Water and Related Resources, $61.0 million is for Policy and Administration, and $35 million is for California Bay Delta. Permanent appropriations in FY 2019 total $101.0 million.

Click here to continue reading this press release.

President’s FY19 budget allocates more than $200 million for Sacramento District projects

From the US Army Corps of Engineers:

Continued construction of safety improvements at Isabella Dam near Bakersfield leads U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District projects listed in the President’s budget unveiled Feb. 12 for Fiscal Year 2019 funding.

Overall, the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2019 includes $4.785 billion in gross discretionary funding for the Civil Works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. More than $201 million is included for four Sacramento District projects.

The Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project leads the top 10 highest funded construction projects in the FY19 budget, projecting to receive $118 million. Continued construction of levee improvements around the Natomas basin and Marysville also ranked in the top ten, allocating $42 and $35.5 million to the projects respectively.

Hamilton City, a multipurpose flood risk reduction and ecosystem restoration project near Chico, rounds out the Sacramento District projects in the budget with $6 million in funding identified.

“The Fiscal Year 2019 Civil Works budget for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reflects the administration’s priorities to support and improve the nation’s economy and infrastructure,” said Mr. Ryan Fisher, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works.  “This Budget supports the core mission areas of the Corps – commercial navigation, reducing flood risks from riverine flooding and along our coasts, and restoring aquatic ecosystems.”

The FY19 Civil Works budget press book is available on the Web at, under the heading Program Budget: Press Books.

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