CALENDAR EVENTS: The human right to water, Managed groundwater recharge forum, Latest in weather forecasting, Delta biotelemetry symposium, Bursting the CA water bubble

The Human Right To Water: Turning Principles Into Action

Friday, November 3, Sacramento

The symposium, hosted by the McGeorge School of Law, will bring together academics, practitioners, and agencies to explore the ways in which the human right to water can be implemented in California, the U.S., and across the world.

Featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Peter Gleick, Professor Emeritus, Pacific Institute & MacArthur Fellow 

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Public Forum: Managed Groundwater Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Management

Wednesday, November 8th, Sacramento

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), in collaboration with California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and other state entities, are hosting a Public Forum on Managed Groundwater Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Management. The goal of this forum is to bring together water authorities, agricultural organizations, regulators, and other stakeholders to address groundwater recharge opportunities and associated policies.

For the forum draft agenda, purpose, desired outcomes, and online registration link, click here.

Can We Really Predict the Weather? The Latest in Forecasting

Thursday, November 9, Sacramento

Last winter brought California’s five-year drought to an abrupt end with the second-wettest water year on record.  Could we have forecasted that this would happen?  No.  Can we forecast if 2018 will be wet or dry?  No.  Come to this half-day workshop sponsored by DWR and ACWA to find out what it will take to improve long-range precipitation forecasting. We have made little progress on our ability to accurately forecast wet or dry conditions more than two weeks out since the U.S. launched its first weather satellite in 1960. It doesn’t have to be this way.   DWR’s recent news release for the start of a new Water Year 2018 highlights why we need improved forecasting. 

Following opening remarks by DWR Director Grant Davis and ACWA Executive Director Tim Quinn, workshop speakers will describe the limitations of current forecasting ability, the improved science needed, and steps being taken to make better forecasting a higher priority.  Innovative water management efforts by ACWA member agencies that require better long-range forecasting also will be showcased.

Click here for more information to register.  The event is free.


Informing Delta Management Using Biotelemetry Symposium

Thursday, November 9th, UC Davis

In this last decade, advancements in telemetry technology have enabled scientists to answer questions about the ecology of fishes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that were previously unknown.

This information can be used to inform the management of flow and habitat in the Delta, among others. This symposium provides a forum where researchers and managers will discuss the results of studies that use telemetric technology, work through challenges, and provide insights into future study designs that can best inform Delta management.

The symposium format will consist of five session with unique themes including:

  1. Using acoustic telemetry to inform water management in the Delta
  2. Behavior of pisciviores in the Delta with implications for special status prey species
  3. Using telemetry to elucidate behavior in wetland habitats: Implications for enhancement/restoration
  4. Sturgeon behavior and ecology
  5. Survival and behavior of salmonids upstream of the Delta

This symposium is held in partnership with the Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program, Cramer Fish Sciences, and the Biotelemetry Laboratory at UC Davis.

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NextUp: Pop! Bursting the California Water Bubble

November 16, Monterey Park

The first installment in the Next Up series will start off my examining population trends and projections in the context of exploring how out current water system is or is not meeting a myriad of business and community needs.  Aside from a changing population, key concerns will be implications of water use intensity and bringing water issues to the forefront in the business community.

The presentation and followup discussion will serve as a compass for a broader picture of water readiness,and we will begin to pinpoint which forward-thinking initiatives should be prioritized.

Those on the front lines of ensuring water availability and reliability will take a closer look at how to round out our water portfolio by focusing on innovative water sourcing and meaningful solutions for water sustainability.

Click here for more information and to register.

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