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SGMA IMPLEMENTATION: Sharing Groundwater: A Robust Framework and Implementation Roadmap for Sustainable Groundwater Management in California

“If you focus with pride in building the best water allocation system you possibly can have, rather than saying SGMA is a problem, you’ll see it as the smartest thing you ever got into,” says Mike Young

Undoubtedly for some, the specter of the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is a fearsome and expensive thing, fraught with difficulties and expensive science.  But what if there was actually a simpler way to manage groundwater in a way that can provide opportunity and wealth for the community?  At a recent presentation in Bakersfield hosted by the Water Association of Kern County, Professor Mike Young gave his framework for creating such a system.

I’m here to talk to you about something that is frightening, scary for many of you, but it’s critically important to your future,” began Professor Young.  “More than anything else, water matters, and getting that right is critically important.  Water matters, and groundwater matters.  The state has just recently given you the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, or SGMA.  I think SGMA is an important opportunity, but to make it an important opportunity, you have to do much more than what SGMA does.  And that’s to get the basics right.”

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QUESTION: Delta Stewardship Council endorses Delta Plan amendment on conveyance, storage, and operations, but what does that mean?

What is the effect of the amendment on the California Water Fix project? Randy Fiorini and Osha Meserve weigh in

This is the first of an occasional feature here on Maven’s Notebook where I will ask a really wonky question about California water and ask people to weigh in.  This month’s question is regarding the recent Delta Plan amendment endorsed by the Delta Stewardship Council.  Randy Fiorini, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, and Osha Meserve, an attorney representing Local Agencies of the North Delta and other Delta interests, weigh in.  (Next up: unimpaired versus functional flows.)

At the June 22nd meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the council members voted to endorse an amendment to the Delta Plan to promote options for water conveyance, storage systems, and the operation of both.  The amendment provides recommendations on the characteristics of conveyance, storage and operations that would contribute to a coordinated system with the improved flexibility necessary to achieve the state’s coequal goals of water supply reliability and ecosystem restoration.  The amendment is proposed to be included as part of the overall Delta Plan that was originally adopted by the Council in May 2013.

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SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: Water wasted to sea?; Is extinction inevitable for Delta and longfin smelt?; Adaptive management in the Delta; and more …

Essays include Water Wasted to the Sea? by James E. Cloern, Jane Kay, Wim Kimmerer, Jeffrey Mount, Peter B. Moyle, and Anke Mueller–Solger; and Is Extinction Inevitable for Delta Smelt and Longfin Smelt? An Opinion and Recommendations for Recovery by James A. Hobbs, Peter B. Moyle, Nann Fangue, and Richard E. Connon.

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ICYMI: CALIFORNIA WATER FIX: Metropolitan Water District posts second white paper on project operations

Metropolitan Water District has posted its second white paper on the California Water Fix, Modernizing the System: California Water Fix Operations.  The white paper is the second in a series of three white papers that have been prepared to inform board members prior to the September decision on the California Water Fix project.

Click here to read the second white paper on California Water Fix from Metropolitan Water District.

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