OROVILLE DAM, Saturday update: 5 units at Hyatt Power Plant now running; work continues on debris pile (with pictures and video)

Contractors continue to remove sediment and debris from the area of the damaged main spillway in Oroville, CA . Photo taken March 9, 2017. Approximately 715,000 cubic yards of material have been removed from the debris pile to date.
Dale Kolke/California Department of Water Resources. For Editorial Use Only.

From the Department of Water Resources:

The flood control spillway flows remain at 0 cubic feet per second (cfs). Inflows are approximately 12,000 to 18,000 cfs which has resulted in the lake rising from 860.1 to 860.5 feet elevation in the last 24 hours.  Five units at the Hyatt Power Plant are currently running, allowing for a total outflow of 12,900 cfs.

Contractors continue to remove sediment and debris below the spillway.  This operation will continue 24 hours per day.  Approximately 897,000 cubic yards of material have been removed from the debris pile to date.

Flows to meet environmental requirements are being met by releases through the Thermalito Diversion Dam and Thermalito Afterbay River Outlet.The low flow section of the Feather River (the river channel through Oroville) is currently at 5,000 cfs.  The total flow to the Feather River is currently 11,000cfs.  Flows to the Feather River will increase at noon to 13,000 cfs.

For information on lake conditions–including lake levels, inflows, and outflows – visit the Oroville Reservoir page on the California Data Exchange Center.

The latest pictures from DWR …

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The latest video from DWR …

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