Article to note: Westlands’ irrigation drainage deal gets extended for one year so Congress can act

This just in from Mc Clatchy DC:

Westlands Water District and Justice Department officials have given themselves, and Congress, another year to finish a controversial irrigation drainage plan.  In a new court filing, attorneys for the government and the Rhode Island-sized water district conceded that Congress had failed to meet the Jan. 15 deadline for legislation. They noted they had consequently revised the agreement, extending the deadline to Jan. 15, 2018; after which, if Congress hasn’t acted, either party can back out of the deal.  “The United States and Westlands continue to believe that implementation of the Westlands Settlement is in the public interest, as well as in the interests of Westlands and its landowners, and American taxpayers,” attorneys stated in the filing Monday with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. … ”

Continue reading at McClatchy DC here:  Westlands’ irrigation drainage deal gets extended for one year so Congress can act

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