September calendar notes: Delta series kickoff, Water data summit, Russian River science report, the Salton Sea, California’s groundwater briefing, and drought events this month

This is a bit of a repeat from last week’s post, but there have been quite a few additions to September since then.  There are now so many, I couldn’t fit them all in, so check the full calendar for even more events.

Sept. 7: Brown Bag Seminar: Deconstructing the current California drought

9/7/2016 12:00 to 1:00pm (Sacramento)

DSCLogoCalifornia, currently in its fifth year of severe drought, is now identified with large shifts towards persistent dry periods, separated by large storms, and accompanied by record-breaking warm temperatures. These conditions are characteristic of droughts projected to accompany climate change.

Dr. Michael Dettinger will present his analysis of the multi-year deficits that have accumulated during this drought including deficits in precipitation, snowpack, streamflow, reservoir storage, hydropower generation, etc. By converting these deficits into comparable units, he can assess the collective effects of the drought and identify which resources have recovered and which have not.

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Sept. 8 Delta Series Kick-off: Introduction to the Delta and the DSC

9/8/2016 6:00-7:30 pm (Sacramento)

NorCal AWRA LogoJessica R. Pearson, Executive Officer of the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC), will kick-off AWRA’s 2016/2017 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Series with an introduction to the Delta landscape, the DSC’s role and the Delta Plan, as well as other Delta planning efforts.

Created by the Legislature in 2009, the DSC is a new and dynamic State agency charged with developing and leading implementation of a long-term comprehensive management plan for the Delta to further the State’s coequal goals for water supply reliability and protecting, enhancing and restoring the ecosystem. The DSC was charged with the critically important role of coordination, integration, and providing oversight over activities implemented within the Delta. The DSC is governed by a seven-member Council comprised of members representing various parts of the State and diverse interests and expertise.  Fundamentally, this Council’s role is to balance the big picture vision for the future of the Delta, in the face of short-term challenges and individual projects.

Registration cost is $10 for non-members (free for members), cash or check at the door

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Sept. 9: Stanford Graduate School of Business Water Data Summit

9/8/2016 8am – 5pm (Palo Alto)

Stanford Grad School of Business LogoThe California Data Collaborative and Stanford University present the first annual Stanford Graduate School of Business Water Data Summit. The event will be located at the Knight Management Center at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  Note tickets may be considered a charitable, tax-exempt donation.

This day-long event will feature interactive panels on how big water data integration is supporting water managers in California. Our aim is to bring together leading water professionals across California in order to scale these early successes for statewide impact.

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Sept. 9: Russian River Independent Science Review Panel presentation of report

9/8/2016 9am – 12pm  (Cloverdale)

fish-friendly-farming1The Russian River Independent Science Review Panel (ISRP) is a group of nine interdisciplinary scientists that have met since 2012 to evaluate stream flow processes, salmon habitat and water management in the Russian River Watershed. The ISRP collected and analyzed scientific data for the watershed and formulated a conceptual model for stream flow in the tributary streams and the main river channel. The Russian River is distinctive among north coast rivers for it large alluvial valleys (Redwood, Ukiah, Hopland and Alexander). These valleys are also large ground water basins. The complex intersections of ground water and surface water are what provide stream flow in the dry summer months.

The ISRP propose the use of a channel typology defining 8 channel types with distinct surface and groundwater features. The typology was applied to 8 subareas of the watershed and better defines where cold water salmon and steelhead are likely to rear over the summer. The typology also defines where diversions and ground water pumping may impair aquatic habitats. The ISRP also documented the major changes to the Russian River including major dams (Coyote and Warm Springs), the channelization of the river by the Corps of Engineers, gravel mining, numerous small diversions and illegal diversions, and agricultural and urban development and how these changes alter the physical functions of stream and aquatic ecosystems.

The report and executive summary are available for download from: and will be presented in a public meeting on September 9th, 2016 between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in the Auditorium at Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds. Contact Melina at 707-253-1226 x2 or to RSVP.

Sept. 15: CA-NV DEWS Southern California Drought Outlook

9/15/2016 All Day (Riverside)

NIDIS logoThis meeting will focus on past, present and/or expected drought impacts in Southern California, and will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to interact with other decision makers and information providers in the region. The event will serve three purposes:

  1. Provide an update on current and forecasted drought & climate conditions
  2. Showcase current research and tools available to stakeholders to support drought early warning
  3. Gather feedback from stakeholders on current needs for the CA-NV Drought Early Warning System to help inform the development of the CA-NV DEWS Strategic Plan.
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Sept 20: San Gabriel Valley Water Forum

9/20/2016 7:30am to 1:30 pm (Pomona)

sgvwf2016_logo2x2The current drought is demonstrating the potential to create extreme conditions for our water supply, environment, public health and economy in the San Gabriel Valley. Not only are we faced with water supply shortages, but other significant drought-related impacts are on the horizon. We invite you to learn more from industry leaders at the SGV Water Forum.

Click here for more information and to register.

Sept. 20: Ventura workshop: What if 2017 is dry?

9/20/2016 9am to 3pm (Ventura)

NEW_DWR_LOGO_14inchThe Department of Water Resources is hosting a free drought workshop in Ventura. Agenda items include an overview of drought conditions, the weather perspective, improving precipitation observations and forecasting, updates on urban and agricultural water use conservation requirements, Ventura County groundwater conditions, and more.

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Sept. 23: California’s Salton Sea: Creating a better future

9/23/2016 1:00 – 4:30pm (Sacramento)

Ecomedia compassWhat is the Salton Sea?

What can we do to help restoration happen?

If there were enough political will and funding available, what do we envision for this region?

Let’s think outside the box.

California’s Salton Sea; a multimedia insight into restoring our highly endangered largest lake. Multimedia interviews, discussions and speakers of life at the Salton Sea and a future of the region restored. Experts in science, policy, community and media. A forum to bring the story of the Salton Sea to life at our State’s Capital.

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Sept. 27: California Groundwater Briefing: Findings and Implications for the Future of California’s Water

9/27/2016 1:30pm – 3:30pm (Sacramento)

water in the west logoScholars working with Water in the West, a program of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Bill Lane Center for the American West, will discuss their latest research on groundwater and the implications for the future of California’s water. The panel will seek to inform state and local level policy and decision makers on such issues as implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), water quality and availability, and new data collection techniques.

Opening Remarks by Mark Cowin, Director, California Department of Water Resources

Click here for more information and to register.

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