September calendar notes: Deconstructing the current California drought; Stanford Graduate School of Business Water Data Summit; San Gabriel Valley Water Forum

Sept. 7: Brown Bag Seminar: Deconstructing the current California drought

DSCLogoCalifornia, currently in its fifth year of severe drought, is now identified with large shifts towards persistent dry periods, separated by large storms, and accompanied by record-breaking warm temperatures. These conditions are characteristic of droughts projected to accompany climate change.

Dr. Michael Dettinger will present his analysis of the multi-year deficits that have accumulated during this drought including deficits in precipitation, snowpack, streamflow, reservoir storage, hydropower generation, etc. By converting these deficits into comparable units, he can assess the collective effects of the drought and identify which resources have recovered and which have not.

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Sept. 9: Stanford Graduate School of Business Water Data Summit

Stanford Grad School of Business LogoThe California Data Collaborative and Stanford University present the first annual Stanford Graduate School of Business Water Data Summit. The event will be located at the Knight Management Center at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  Note tickets may be considered a charitable, tax-exempt donation.

This day-long event will feature interactive panels on how big water data integration is supporting water managers in California. Our aim is to bring together leading water professionals across California in order to scale these early successes for statewide impact.

For more information and to register, click here.

Sept. 20: San Gabriel Valley Water Forum

sgvwf2016_logo2x2The current drought is demonstrating the potential to create extreme conditions for our water supply, environment, public health and economy in the San Gabriel Valley. Not only are we faced with water supply shortages, but other significant drought-related impacts are on the horizon. We invite you to learn more from industry leaders at the SGV Water Forum.

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