Blog round-up: Salmon predation, posh houses, California’s volatile climate, San Joaquin Valley water, and more, plus your guide to Trump, Clinton, and the environment

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Blog Round Up
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Time to start protecting salmon from predators:  The Northern California Water Association writes, “With California commemorating “Invasive Species Action Week”, now is a good time to think about actions that we can all take to help save and recover salmon in California. Although there are many factors that affect salmon survival, biologists seem to agree that a large and increasing percentage of young salmon are dying as a result of predation by non-native, invasive, fish.  “The goals of the California Invasive Species Action Week are to increase public awareness of invasive species issues and promote public participation in the fight against California’s invasive species and their impacts on our natural resources.” This call for help is particularly important to protect native salmon–addressing predation by invasive fish is an important incremental step forward to address one of the obvious stressors on salmon and steelhead survival in California. ... ”  Continue reading at the NCWA blog here:  Time to start protecting salmon from predators

I wonder if Mr. Amaral rated a similar loan:  On the Public Record writes, “For some reason, I find myself called to write about Westlands Water District today.  You may have seen that in 2007 WWD gave a former deputy manager a personal loan of $1.4M at 0.84%, and hasn’t seen the need to be repaid for that loan yet.  One and a half million dollars would buy a whole lot of house in Cantua Creek City or Three Rocks, although we know that Mr. Peltier, gritty man of agriculture, chose to buy a lot of house in Walnut Grove instead.  It doesn’t appear that WWD properly disclosed the loan, but we’re used to WWD defying disclosure rules.  So we will skip over petty, small-minded, literalist discussions of fraud, perjury, and fiduciary misbehavior.  Why linger on ugly details?  Instead, let’s talk about money, power and dominance. … ”  Continue reading at On the Public Record here:  I wonder if Mr. Amaral rated a similar loan.

A weatherman explains California’s volatile climate:  Lori Pottinger writes, “What does the future hold for California’s weather and climate? Is drought the new normal? And what about La Niña? We talked to Daniel Swain—founder of the popular California Weather Blog and a Stanford University climate scientist—about our volatile climate.  PPIC: La Niña is looming, bringing the possibility of another dry winter. What issues does it raise for the state?  Daniel Swain: It’s ingrained in California folklore that El Niño means rain and La Niña means no rain. Climate scientists often emphasize that the effects of both can be highly variable in California. El Niño and La Niña do give us much more predictability than we would have in a typical year, but that’s not always enough to help us predict exactly what’s going to happen. … ”  Read more from the PPIC Blog here:  A weatherman explains California’s volatile climate

Families Protecting the Valley has some advice for Fresno State:  “Fresno State is in the process of developing a strategic plan for water.  They say they want everyone’s input and ask that you complete a short online survey at  We hope you will take the time to do this.  If you are a regular reader of our newsletter you know we have practically been begging for local leaders to help in the fight for water.  Maybe Fresno State can be the leadership we need.  One of the survey questions asks that you list up to three water issues critical to the San Joaquin Valley.  We hope that they will get thousands of replies listing the Delta pumping issues regarding the Endangered Species Act, and the failure of the San Joaquin River Restoration Program.  … ”  Read more from Families Protecting the Valley here:  Families Protecting the Valley has some advice for Fresno State

Oakdale Irrigation District: If it quacks like a duck … Eric Caine writes, “News that the Oakdale Irrigation District (OID) is suing two of its own board members should surprise no one familiar with OID shenanigans over the past few years. Even after two long-tenured directors were booted out by an overwhelming majority last election, OID management and three remaining directors have stubbornly refused to change direction and face the realities of a new water world.  OID shares some of its problems with its neighbor, the Modesto Irrigation District. Both have a long history of providing abundant cheap but subsidized water to local farmers. Both are now under fire for failing to charge their farmer customers enough to pay for operation and maintenance of the district.  But when it comes to bungled plans and horrible public relations, OID is in a class by itself. ... ”  Read more from The Valley Citizen here:  Oakdale Irrigation District: If it quacks like a duck …

Trump’s dubious drought claims:  The California Water Blog writes,During a campaign rally in Fresno, Donald Trump made two misleading claims about California’s drought and water issues:  Trump suggested “there is no drought” in California because the state has “plenty of water.” But California is in its fifth year of a severe “hot” drought, the kind that’s expected to become more frequent with global warming.  He also said water is being shoved “out to sea” to protect a “three-inch fish” at the expense of farmers. But officials release fresh water from reservoirs primarily to prevent salt water from contaminating agricultural and urban water supplies.  On May 27, Trump met with farmers for a private half-hour meeting before his rally in Fresno, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. … “  Continue reading at the California Water Blog here:  Trump’s dubious drought claims

Trump, Clinton, and the environment: Your handy guide to the differences:  Dan Farber writes, “Here’s a handy chart comparing Trump and Clinton on environmental and energy issues. I’ve assembled the relevant statements by the candidates below the summary table. ... ”  More at the Legal Planet here:  Trump, Clinton, and the environment

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