California Water Fix update: DWR and Reclamation send letter to State Board, opposing an extension of time

Submitted information is not new, the letter states

Last week after the Department of Water Resources and Reclamation filed their documents outlining their case for the California Water Fix project to the State Water Board, several groups made requests for extension of time to review the documents.

In a letter to the State Water Board, DWR and Reclamation oppose any further extension of time, saying it is ‘unwarranted’.  They write, “Very little of what has been submitted by Petitioners as part of their case-in-chief, whether in their concise testimony (133 pages total for 8 lead witnesses) or in their submitted exhibits, represents “new” information. Rather, much of the information contained in Petitioners’ case-in-chief, including submitted exhibits, is public information previously available to all protestants.”

DWR and Reclamation also note that delaying the submission of the written evidence or procedural objections until two weeks prior to the hearing limits their time to respond to those objections.

The State Water Board has indicated they will issue a decision on the extension some time this week.

Click here to read the letter.

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