News Worth Noting: Army Corps posts notice of proposal to accept funds from DWR for expedited permit processing; State Water Board grants request to delay start of Cal Water Fix hearing; DWR posts guide to the draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan regulation

Army Corps Public Notice: Proposal to accept funds from the Department of Water Resources

From the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Army Corps LogoThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District has posted Public Notice SPK-2016-00149 to

This Public Notice announces the preliminary intent of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District to accept funds contributed by the California Department of Water Resources in order to expedite processing of their permit applications which would implement projects required by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2008 Delta Smelt Biological Opinion and National Marine Fisheries Service’s 2009 Biological Opinion and Conference Opinion on the long-term operation of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project.

Written comments and/or a request for a paper copy of the notice may be submitted to project manager Michael Nepstad at email  or by mail at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, Regulatory Division, ATTN: Michael Nepstad, 1325 J Street, Room 1350, Sacramento, CA 95814-2922.

Comments must be received by 18 March 2016.

State Water Board grants request to delay start of Cal Water Fix hearings 30 days

By: Maven

Responding to a request by the Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation for more time, the State Water Board has delayed the start of Part 1A of the California Water Fix hearing 30 days; the hearing will begin now on May 5.  The State Water Board decided also to similarly delay the start of Part 1B of the hearing until July 26, 2016.

Part 2 of the hearing cannot begin until regulatory processes are complete. According to DWR and Reclamation, the targeted date for completion of the ESA consultation process and the issuance of a biological opinion is early September; the CEQA process is expected to be finished by late September, with the Incidental Take Permit being obtained in early October.  Part 2 of the hearing would likely then begin in early December 2016, at the earliest.

The schedule revisions were announced in a 14-page letter from the State Water Board, which has many more details about the new schedule and other procedural issues, as well as responding to some comments received regarding the pre-hearing conference ruling.

Department of Water Resources posts guide to the draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan regulation to aid the public in making comments

From the Department of Water Resources:

NEW_DWR_LOGO_14inchA guide to GSP Emergency Regulations is now available on the SGM Program website. The Draft GSP Emergency Regulations Guide provides information essential to understanding the Draft GSP Emergency Regulations, and explains the fundamental concepts through four phases of development and implementation. This guide does not serve as a substitute for the draft GSP regulations. Readers are strongly encouraged to read the Draft GSP Emergency Regulations.

DWR will be hosting three public meetings and a public webinar:

By June 1, 2016, DWR is required to adopt emergency regulations, including the process, methodology, and criteria for evaluating the development and implementation of GSPs, alternatives, and coordination agreements.

The public comment period is from February 18, 2016 through March 25, 2016. Comments must be received electronically or postmarked on or before March 25, 2016.

Make formal comments in the following ways – only comments received via the methods listed below are considered formal comments:

  • At a public meeting – via comment card
  • Email to: / Subject: Draft GSP Emergency Regulations Public Comment
  • Mail to: CA Department of Water Resources; Attn: Lauren Bisnett, Public Affairs Office; P.O. Box 942836; Sacramento, California 94236

All comments received will be posted online and considered. Consider the following to make effective comments:

  • Comments should be concise and focus directly on the Draft GSP Regulations
  • Comments should identify the specific part of the Draft GSP Regulations  at issue and should include supporting evidence and facts

The commenter should provide complete references and/or citations, particularly when referring to websites (providing a specific URL address)

For more news from DWR’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Program, click here.


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